@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

2018, The Year When Dubbing Trumped Subtitling

Aida Martirosyan, General Director of Haymillian, explained to ttvnews that despite OTT platform’s efforts to “impose” subtitles, dubbing is the new big trend in the streaming market.

OTT platforms’ international explosion motivated an accelerated growth of subtitling around the world, even in markets that traditionally bet on dubbing such as Spain, Italy or Germany.
In 2018, however, Haymillian, which specializes in localizing content, has seen dubbing is finally starting to gain ground over subtitling as platforms like Netflix take note of their viewing numbers: when a title is available with dubbing and subtitling, viewers usually choose the first option.
“While in previous years we had lots of subtitling requests, 2018 has been all about dubbing. Most of our clients were coming with dubbing requests,” Aida Martirosyan, General Director of Haymillian, explained to ttvnews.
What’s the reason behind this trend? Simple: Netflix. “I think Netflix its the usual culprit here,” she said. “They started publishing titles both with subtitles and with dubbing, and they noticed the following trend: viewers are watching more the dubbed versions rather than the subtitled ones. And when they do something, the other companies follow.”
Africa, the US, Germany, Italy and Latin America are some of the territories where this alternative will grow the most; while Nordic territories are still immune to the trend.
In this scenario, Haymillian is planning to expand its dubbing offices in Mexico, building new dubbing rooms in its studios in Cuernavaca.
In terms of clients, Martirosyan highlighted alliances with new companies, such as Sony’s digital arm and The Africa Channel, which came after its expansion to Africa and the new offices in Johannesburg.
Brendan Gabriel, VP of Production and Creative Director at The Africa Channel, said the network, which specializes in modern African content for new generations, seeks to dub its contents into Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and French.
“The Africa Channel its based in the US, we broadcast in North America and the Caribbean, and our mandate has always been to connect Africa with the African diaspora. As of two years ago we launched TAC studios, which has focused on taking all of this content that we have produced over 12 years and distributing it to other parts of the world,” he said.
“We also launched a digital SVOD platform called Demand Africa and it showed us that there are lots of key territories that we haven’t explored like Brazil, Spain and even China or Asia, where we had some traction. So it makes sense for us to go into dubbing with a partner like Haymillian who understands our mandate.”

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