Pina Mezzera - 29/05/2015

ATV to Shake Up the Market with Turkish Falcon Crest

With its drama Lifeline already sold in 23 countries, ATV is now betting on moving further down this successful path with Falcon Crest, the Turkish adaptation of the classic US series. Müge Akar shared details about the series with ttvnews.

Present at the recent Mipcom, ATV’s stand was very active, making it clear of its leading role in the Turkish content craze around the world. 
ATV’s distribution division arrived in Cannes with new dramas, such as Foster Mother and Broken Lives. “They recently began broadcasting in Turkey, so they’re really very new. The clients’ response has been very good,” Müge Akar, deputy manager of Content Sales at ATV.
However, the title that drew the most attention from international buyers was Lifeline, one of the company’s flagship titles for this year. “It’s being an impressive success. With a share close to 40%, it’s the most watched series in Turkey since 2012,” she said.
Premiered in January on ATV, the first season took over the most competitive night of the local TV market, and was quickly renewed for a second installment, which repeated the result.
After that, the international interest was right around the corner. “We sold it in 23 countries and after Mipcom more territories are sure to come,” Akar said. Recent sales include markets like Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Puerto Rico, Colombia, US Hispanic and Spain, to Atresmedia
“We hope to have news soon in Mexico and Argentina,” she said.
Lifeline is the story of survival of Nefes, a young woman who was sold to a psychopath who kept her locked up in a house with her son for eight years. There she meets the brave Tahir and so her battle for freedom and love began.
“The current theme, centered around domestic violence and a female heroine, joins an excellent cast, direction and photography, and backed by a production house like Ay Yapim, to turn Lifeline into the success it is,” Akar said.
Turkish Falcon Crest
And when it comes to expectations about the upcoming projects, Falcon Crest, Turkish adaptation of the classic US series by Warner Bros., takes the cake.
“It’s a modern version of the US series. It’s produced by Ay Yapim and we will premiere it soon in Turkey,” the executive explained, adding ATV will manage its international distribution.
The first series will have more than 100 episodes and star familiar faces: Zerrin Tekindor from Endless Love and Forbidden Love, and Ebru Özkan from Broken Pieces.
Aired in the US on CBS between 1981 and 1990, Falcon Crest revolved around two families who fought to control the wine industry in the Tuscany valley, a region in California.
The feedback received at Mipcom led the executive to be very confident about the future: “We believe that our version of Falcon Crest will have a great impact on the local and international markets.”

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