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Atresmedia Releases First Trailer for Dystopian Series La valla

The fiction, created by Daniel Écija, is produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Good Mood.

This Thursday, Atresmedia Televisión premiered the first trailer for La valla, its new dystopian and futuristic series for Antena 3’s prime time.
The presentation took place within the Lo que viene festival, organized by the Association of Film Informatics of Spain (AICE), which celebrates its second edition in Tudela (Navarra).
La valla is created by Daniel Écija and produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Good Mood. The series began filming last February, in different locations in the Community of Madrid and the province of Segovia.
"La valla is a great story of love and adventure in an extraordinary world," said Daniel Ecija, creator of the series. "An epidemic is spreading and our characters, unknowingly, have the key to save thousands of lives," he added about the story.
Sonia Martinez, director of Fiction at Atresmedia and executive producer of La Valla, has said that "it is a series located in the very near future in which society has suffered an involution: less technology, less freedom, more fear ... In that context, a great story emerges, starring a family that struggles to survive and stay together, and all with great doses of action, suspense and emotion ".
The new fiction for Antena 3 will have episodes of 50 minutes, as it has been usual in the productions of the Atresmedia series.
The series stars Olivia Molina, Unax Ugalde, Ángela Molina, Abel Folk and Eleonora Wexler.
The cast is completed by an acting cast with names like: Daniel Ibáñez, Belén Écija, Manu Fullola, Iván Chavero, Juan Blanco, Elena Seijo, Yaima Ramos, Nicolás Illoro, Laura Quiros, Ángela Vega, Pedro Beitia, Óscar de la Fuente or Cristina Soria.
The series is set in the near future. The increasing scarcity of natural resources has turned Western democracies into dictatorial regimes.
While life in rural areas becomes impossible, the capital has been divided into two tightly closed regions: Sector 1 (government and privileged) and Sector 2 (the rest). The only way to move from one area to another is to cross the fence that separates them, for which it will be a requirement to have the legal safe-conduct.
This is the starting point of a story that will take us to meet Julia, Hugo, Emilia ... a family that struggles to recover little Marta, in the hands of the government. A story of survival, of betrayals, of great secrets and in which a crime will persecute its protagonists.

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