Rodrigo Ros - 29/05/2015

LASI Day One: Viacom Catches the Eye of the Indie Market

Viacom International Studios surprised during the first day of the Independent LA Screenings by announcing a first look deal with Juan José Campanella for the development of premium content. 

By Sebastián Amoroso and Rodrigo Ros, from Los Angles

The opening day of the Independent LA Screenings (LASI) 2019 - the market floor that runs from Tuesday, May 14 to Friday, May 17, at the InterContinental Hotel - featured Viacom International Studios (VIS) as the main protagonist.

The production unit of Viacom International Media Networks Americas (VIMNA) - which celebrates its first year in this market -, announced a first look deal with Oscar winner Juan José Campanella (The Secret In Their Eyes) and his production company 100 Bares, for the development of premium content.

"Now that we have this first look deal, we have many other projects in mind," explained Pierluigi Gazzolo, president of VIMNA, to ttvnews.

"One of the things we love about Campanella is that he has a multicultural experience, not only in Latin America, but he’s also had hits in the US; and now with VIS we feel we are going to be able to do great things with him," he added.

This announcement ratifies the strategic course initiated by VIS since its launch last year in LASI to bet on the development and production of premium fiction.

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