Rodrigo Ros - 29/05/2015

Disney LatAm Announces Two New Original Fictions

During Mipcom, Disney Media Networks LatAm announced new series Americana, in collaboration with Naím Media Group; and Cazadores de Milagros alongside Mediapro, Somos Productions and BTF Media.

By Gonzalo Larrea, Pina Mezzera and Rodrigo Ros, from Cannes, France

Disney Media Networks Latin America (DMDLA) announced this Tuesday, October 16 – amidst a busy Mipcom 2018 - two new original fiction projects that will be joining its line-up in the region: Americana and Cazadores de Milagros.

During a press conference, DMDLA and Naím Media Group (El Comandante, Efecto Naím) announced that they are co-developing Americana, a 10-episode series that will take place in Brazil at the end of the 19th century.

Americana takes a look at the events that took place after the end of the US Civil War, when the Emperor of Brazil invited thousands of defeated southerners to his country, the last in the hemisphere where slavery was still legal. In the tropical forests of the province of Sao Paulo, the confederate exiles tried to revive the glory of the "old south." They brought their slaves and their racist traditions, refusing to accept the winds of change that were blowing all over the world.

"Americana is our first original work for Brazil together in co-production with Naím Media. It's thirteen hours with the option to produce several seasons," said Fernando Barbosa, senior VP and General Manager of DMDLA, to ttvnews. "We believe that it is a project not just for Brazil, but it also has a lot of appeal for global audiences," added the executive.

On his end, Leonardo Aranguibel, Production Director of DMDLA underlined to ttvnews the strong commitment that the company has to producing this project in Brazil: "We had always wanted to make a project in the Brazilian territory and now we are developing it with Brazilian creatives. We wanted Americana to be a period drama that reflected Brazilian culture, tradition and characters."

In parallel, DMDLA announced, alongside Mediapro, Somos Productions and BTF Media, fiction series Cazadores de Milagros, which will feature 13 one-hour episodes and will shoot in sets in Mexico.

The plot focuses on a skeptical journalist who works in a news portal and needs a story to save his career; a young and brilliant heiress of a media empire; and an enigmatic clairvoyant who finds himself between faith and necessity. These three characters cross in a unique mission that will force them to question their beliefs and certainties regarding their faith.

In each episode, this particular team will investigate unexplained cases that will sometimes have a scientific explanation, but for others, the limits of reason will not be enough.

"The idea comes from Mediapro’s Daniel Burman, and after that it natural to invite co-producers like Somos Productions who were with us in Until I Met You, and our natural film company BTF Media, with whom we have already produced several titles", commented Fernando Barbosa.

Every episode will future an individual story linked to an unexpected miracle based on real life.

"Cazadores de Milagros is a totally original and very innovative project that we believe can be a very interesting project for the region," said Leonardo Aranguibel.

"We are doing research and we are incorporating several real-life events where our fiction protagonists can connect organically with things that can be looked up in the media and where the real protagonists of the events appear at some point in the story," he added.

In addution, Barbosa stressed that there are already "many outlets interested " in both fiction series. "Americana is distributed by Disney and Cazadores de Milagros is going to be distributed in equal parts: 25% for each of the co-producers," he concluded.

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