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Dori Media Sets Up Shop in Latin America

Nadav Palti, CEO of the Israeli distributor, spoke to ttvnews about its latest sales and deals in the region, including the adaptation of Power Couple in Mexico, which could lead to the launch of a local production hub in Colombia.

Dori Media is no stranger to the Latin American region. If anything, it's almost a local. The Israeli distributor has seen many productions succeed across the market, be it El marginal, Las Estrellas, Ciega a citas and many others.
And the company's deals only continue to get bigger and bigger, such as the global sale of The Inmate to Netflix or the local adaptation of its format, Power Couple, to Televisa in Mexico, a sale that will lead to the inauguration of a potential production hub for the region.
"All in all, it's a very good moment for us," summarized Nadav Palti, CEO of Dori Media, who spoke to ttvnews about these and other recent deals, its catalog and new titles for the international market, and its ever-growing plans for Latin America.
What titles are you currently presenting for the international market?
For starters, we have Dumb, season 3. This is one of the great products that we produced in Israel, with 25 episodes each season. We are now on season 3 so it's 75 episodes total. We have already sold it to a very important company in a very important market, where it will have a local remake and air this year.
We are also presenting La entrega (The Drop), a Bolivian drama with 10 episodes. It's a very strong story about the kidnappings that happen in Bolivia. Every 8 hours someone disappears in Bolivia, which is a big problem there, but also in all of Latin America. I think it's a good drama that we want to distribute and sell all over the world. 
Lastly we have Shepherd, which is a Russian production. Developed by NTV, it's  also a crime drama and it also has three seasons. It's a very good one. We want to sell it worldwide. And after the success of The Road to Calvary, which also came from Russia and was sold to Netflix, we decided to do another one, and hopefully it will also travel very well worldwide.
We also have a lot of good, new products in production in Israel and I'm sure that they'll be ready to be presented at the next Mipcom.
One of your most successful titles, El Marginal continues to find success around the world, with a new season now in development. Any news you can share?
Yes, El Marginal we also sold all around the world and we are now working on season three. It hasn't been announced yet but I believe we will also do it with Underground and TV Publica in Argentina, so it's a very strong one. And it was after the success of El Marginal that we decided to take on La entrega and do the same thing.
What can you tell us about El Recluso (The Inmate) and its deal with Netflix?
Dori Media distributes El recluso to half of the world and Telemundo to the other half. The Netflix deal was done by both of us, because it's worldwide. It was a very good deal for both of us. 
Another majorly successful format for Dori Media is Power Couple, with sales and adaptations in multiple territories worldwide, including Mexico and Brazil. What can you tell us about the formats' most recent deals?
Power Couple
We just announced we sold the fourth season to Brazil (Record) and Germany (RTL). It's been in many countries and now it's also moving to Mexico with Televisa. They will start production very soon. Televisa will produce it for Mexico and also the US Hispanic market with Univision. 
We believe it will go to Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru and everywhere else in the region. So we want to create a hub in Colombia and bring all the companies to produce there and save them a lot of money. 
We understand we need to have a hub in Latin America and one in Europe, because it's going to be all around. It's going to be all around. Every year more and more seasons and countries. Televisa is producing it in Colombia and we want to build around this to create the hub for Latin America. It's not approved or announced yet, but this would be the ideal scenario. 
This is also part of the great relationship we have with Televisa. They already produced Ciega a citas, which will premiere this year. So on the unscripted side there's Power Couple and on the scripted side there's Ciega a citas, and they will both be on air in prime time. 
Speaking of Ciega a citas, is it true that you will be developing another season?
Well, it's tough to distribute the Chilean version worldwide, so we are analyzing the option of doing another season of the show. My idea is to do 12 or 13 episodes for a second season. And maybe even a third season that could be a movie. 
There's also been talk about new sales for Las Estrellas...
Yes, for Las Estrellas we are now negotiating the sale in many countries. We want to sell it to India, where they want to do a shorter format. The writer would help them adapt it into a shorter format. 
Las Estrellas
All in all, it's a very good moment for us. For LA Screenings we have all these titles and more, and we are going to launch new big things that we didn't announce at Miptv. 

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