Gonzalo Larrea - 29/05/2015

Elifs Success Takes Green Yapim in New Directions

Inci Gülen Oarr, producer of Green Yapim, the company behind the successful drama, spoke to ttvnews about the series' success, and the Turkish distributor's format co-production and acquisition plans.

Premiered in 2014 on Kanal 7 in Turkey, the series Elif has walked an impressive road since then, becoming a ratings' success in Turkey, sold in over 35 countries around the world, including many in Latin America.
About to reach its first 1000 episodes, the series already has a fifth season confirmed in Turkey, country where it airs in prime time, competing head to head with powerful weekly dramas.
To find out more about the series' success (which is produced by Green Yapim and distributed by Eccho Rights), ttvnews spoke to Inci Gülen Oarr, producer of Elif, who spoke about the company's co-production and acquisition plans to adapt scripted formats in Turkey.
"Elif is a daily drama series with a very small budget, which started on daytime on Turkish network Kanal 7, but it did extremely well and the network pushed it up to prime time. And now it's competing with huge-budget weekly dramas," Gülen Oarr said.
"We started with no-name actors, but they were very talented and that's how we became very popular and successful. The actors are very good, the story is very good and the production value is very good, so we are proud," she added.
And it worked so well that the series is about to finish its fourth season in Turkey, with which it would reach 1000 episodes. In addition, Green Yapim is already working on a fifth season already confirmed by the network.
Internationally, the series has also been a success, arriving in 35 countries -including Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Central America- and renewed in every territory where it premiered, in addition to a local version in Indonesia.
"We are very happy with Elif's performance, not only in Latin America but also in other parts of the world. The series is already present in 35 countries and working very well in each one," she said.
According to Gülen Oarr, the series' success also comes from it being a universal story, full of emotion.
"It's doing very well because the story is very universal, it touches the heart of people. Feelings are very important in Turkish dramas in general. Love, hate, anger, jealousy. It's the same everywhere, we all have those feelings and we tend to show those feelings in our dramas," she said.
Co-Production and Adaptations
In regard to Green Yapim, Inci Gülen Oarr said the company is currently looking for stories in the international market to adapt in Turkey, with special attention to telenovelas from Latin America and Korean dramas.
In addition, one of Green Yapim's plans for the near future is to start signing international co-productions, with at least two projects they're showing potential partners outside Turkey.
"We are currently developing a weekly drama and a daily series, from the same creators of Elif. They are strong stories and we are presenting them to producers and broadcasters around the world to see if we can co-produce them," she said.
"We are also talking to India, Malaysia, Japan. With each one the model would be different, but with the right story it could be a success," she concluded.

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