Gonzalo Larrea - 29/05/2015

Facebook Wants to Partner With Sports Broadcasters, Not Compete Against

Leo Cesar, head of Sports Partnerships Latam at Facebook, tells ttvnews about the social networking site’s sports broadcasting strategy.

After the acquisition of the broadcasting rights of some Champions League and Copa Libertadores games for Latin America, social networking site Facebook has become, over the last few months, a big player within the sports rights ecosystem, which the company seeks to revolutionize through their platform.

Nonetheless, as explained to ttvnews by Leo Cesar, head of Sports Partnerships Latam at Facebook, the goal of the social media site is not to compete against existing sports broadcasters, but to position itself as their ideal partner.

"We’re a platform, not a broadcaster. It’s true that every now and then we invest on content, but it’s on very specific occasions," the exec said.

"And we do so to promote Facebook Watch, our video platform," he added.

Thus, Facebook plan behind these acquisitions is to raise awareness on its platform and to get their partners and potential partners to see their business-generating capabilities.

"The platform is so rich. Facebook’s power to build communities and generate business is immense,” he stressed.

"The best way for our partners to work with us, be them rights holders, broadcasters, leagues, clubs and athletes, is to generate content, promote engagement and build communities. That way, we can make a monetization program for them and help them develop their business,” he added.

Thus, Cesar explained that, in order to generate long-lasting business via Facebook, the process begins in the creation of content and the next step is the building of a community. “That’s when monetization happens. We have partners that are already doing this very well,” he stressed.

"What we want to do is encouraging our partners to use our platform to do business,” he insisted.

The exec used the example of what they are doing in Mexico,  where they collaborate with giants like Televisa, TV Azteca, Claro and several clubs.

"It was also interesting what we did La Triple A, with whom we created Lucha Capital, a Facebook exclusive property," he exemplified.

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