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Flix as Told by Its Creators

Present in the Canneseries festival, where Movistar+'s original series Félix was chosen for its official competition, its writer and director, Cesc Gay, and its star, Leonardo Sbaraglia, shared details and the behind the scenes of the Spanish production with ttvnews.

April was the month of television in Cannes, where the industry was highlighted through markets, events, awards ceremonies and festivals, all devoted to the small screen and where Hispanic content had its standout place.
Among them, one of the series that shone the most in the French city was Félix, Movistar+'s sixth original production in Spain, which was one of only 10 international series chosen for the official competition of the first edition of the prestigious TV festival, Canneseries.
"It's incredible. For the series to be chosen among just 10 in the entire world, that's already an important award on its own," Leonardo Sbaraglia, who plays the leading character on the show, said to ttvnews at the event.
"Now series have already taken over this business and that's really noticeable here in Cannes," Cesc Gay, writer and director of the series, added, highlighting the positive moment the series is living in Spain.
"I think we've already reached a time in which series are here to stay, in a place where directors, writers and actors will be moving back and forward between film and TV," the director explained. "It's a time of absolute happiness. This new television is a place where everyone can work, with great quality because investments are big."
According to Gay, this is because of the freedom that comes from the multiplicity of platforms in the market, where "there is so much freedom to shape a series" and where "an idea that could be thought for a movie is now maybe better to do as a TV series, because the format lets you do more things."
Directed by Gay and distributed by ITV Global Entertainment, Félix stars the argentine actor, alongside Mi hoa Lee, Ginés García Millán, Pere Arquillué, Irene Montalá and Pedro Casablanc in the main roles, who together portray a story of love and intrigue with elements of comedy.
It tells the story of a little-known writer, who discovers that he has a son in Andorra and travels there to meet him, but ends up falling quickly in love with a woman. When she mysteriously disappears, the story begins with his search and struggles to find her.
"He starts to investigate and everyone thinks he's a fool. But through the episodes, viewers realize there's so much truth in his intuition. He's presented as the antihero, but viewers will see he's a very good person, so brave and tenacious," Sbaraglia said about his character.
"It's an amazing character", he added. "For me it's an amazing opportunity as an actor. It's a very appealing character, not just because of what the series tells, but how it does it. It's such a unique point of view."
And while Félix is a story with a beginning and end, told in six episodes, both its director and its star believe there could be more seasons. "It's a 6-episode series with a closed story. Then, as it happens with second seasons which can take other shapes, this one may have another season," Gay said.
"I hope there's another season. I always fought for that idea," Sbaraglia said. "We must find a logical and organic way to move forward, but I think that fundamentally, where there's a character as valuable as Félix, there must be a way."
"Nowadays, having a character as brave, transparent and kind as this one is already unique. In this world where evil is so normalized, I think this character has such a beautiful value," he concluded.

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