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Gilda Biopic Will Begin Filming in February 2019

Benjamín Ávila, Guillermo Pino and Brenda Asnicar attened the official presentation of the Habitación 1520 series Yo soy Gilda: amar es un milagro. The show's director and producer gave ttvnews all the details of the show. 

*from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The story about 'cumbia' singer Miriam Alejandra Bianchi, better known by her stage name Gilda, will be at the center of a new original biopic for television.

Under the title Yo soy Gilda: amar es un milagro, the show was presented this Tursday on Buenos Aires, Argentina by production company Habitación 1520 and its director/producer Guillermo Pino.

From the same people behind the Gilda movie Gilda: no me arrepiento de este amor, the new television series will have 13 one-hour episodes that will be distributed internationally by Glowstar Media.

"We're working on a plan to start filming as of February 2019 and the idea is for the series to make its debut during the second quarter of 2019. And we're already talking with several TV channels in Argentina and Latin America, as well as some other companies," said producer Guillermo Pino to ttvnews.

Benjamín Ávila, Brenda Asnicar and Guillermo Pino. Photo: PulpoN!

The show will focus on the singer's intimate story, her transformation, her dreams and the challenges of being Gilda, a woman working in a man's world, all across her childhood to her tragic death on September 7, 1996.

"Across 13 episodes, we will be able to delve much more deeply into her personal universe, her story, her adolescence, her childhood and, at the same time, be able to expand the 'bailanta' scene, which is something that wasn't done by the movie," added Benjamín Ávila, director and producer.

In this sense, Ávila explained that the biopic will have a more fictional approach to that scene, with fictional characters mixed in with real and biographical events on Gilda's life. He also confirmed that actress Brenda Asnicar, who was also at the event, has been confirmed as protagonist for the show and will be taking on the role of Gilda.

Brenda Asnicar

"From an artistic point of view, the show is a very big production," he added. "It's set on many locations, covers many eras - the 70s, the 80s, and the 90s - and has a lot of extras, and concert scenes. It's a beautiful artistic challenge for us".

"Expectations are high, not only in Argentina but in general, because we want it to go beyond Latin America. We're convinced that this project is going to touch people's hearts because Gilda is someone who connects with audiences on a deep personal level," concluded Benjamín Ávila. "Every time people talk about Gilda, people turn on, there's something magical about what happens when it comes to her."

Gilda will be written by Martín Guido, Guillermo Pino, and Benjamín Avila, in collaboration with Tamara Viñes.

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