@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

Haymillian Opens New Studios in Mexico

Business Development Director, Angela Pilello, explained the new facilities will help expand the company’s dubbing and subtitling efforts in Latin America, as part of a growth plan that includes new regions, clients and services, and a growing team. 

Haymillian’s 2019 could be summed up in one word: growth. Whether it’s adding new members to its expanding team, extending its existing alliances with clients, or reaching new clients and territories, the dubbing and subtitling company is determined to grow its business. 
“Haymillian is continuing to expand. We are making investments in new resources, looking to deepen our relationships with certain customers and also expand by finding new clients,” Angela Pilello, Business Development Director, said to ttvnews.
And while the company’s route map is certainly international, with over 64 languages mastered and a team of native speakers, translators and linguists from all over the world, Latin America is certainly a key territory for Haymillian’s global business. 
The region stands as a fertile ground for the company, with content increasingly travelling to and from the region, be it classic productions such as Turkish dramas, or new ones, such as Russian titles. 
“We are working with Turkish clients who are interested in taking their content into Latin America, where that type of content works very well,” she explained.
“And we are also focusing on some other growth markets like Russia. We are seeing that within the Latin American space, more clients are asking for Russian localization, because it seems to travel well into Russia,” she added.
The company recently signed deals with partners such as About Premium Content from France and Devised from Spain, for whom they will dub content into neutral Spanish for them to travel to Latin America.
And to further increase its presence and business in the LatAm region, Haymillian is currently working on creating its own studio in Mexico, which is already in development and will be finalized by mid-2019.
“We are making investments in new resources and developing a studio in Mexico,” the executive revealed. “It’s moving forward. We’re investing quite a bit of resources in the development of that studio which will be large, 200+m2,” she said.
“We aim to have it complete by the end of July and we’ll be making an announcement at that point,” she anticipated.
According to the executive, the studio will offer dubbing services and some subtitling, and will allow the company to “go from strength to strength in Latin America.”
In addition to physical expansion, the company is also adding to its portfolio of services, which in addition to localization through dubbing, subtitling and translation, also features closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing.
“We already provide services for the deaf and hard of hearing, and we do so in the 64 languages that we work with. But we’re also focusing more on accessibility for the visually impaired and blind,” she said, adding that they are now offering this service in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish, both Latin American and Castilian.

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