@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

High Seas Remains as Most-Binged Hispanic Series in June

TV Time revealed exclusively to ttvnews the list of the 10 most-binged Spanish-language series in the world. And same as last month, the Netflix series led the ranking.

Same as every month, the TV Time app revealed the 10 most binged Spanish-language series in the world, a list that’s once again led by High Seas.
Same as in May, the Netflix and Bambu series, which was already renewed for a second season, was the most binged around the world among all Hispanic titles, followed by Money Heist, in the same spot as last month.
The podium is completed by Argentine Netflix series Go! Live Your Way, which is making a comeback since appearing for the first time back in March.
Other returning shows from May are Netflix series Cable Girls, Elite and Narcos; as well as Telemundo’s The Inmate, Caracol’s The Queen of Flow and Skam Spain by Movistar+.
Netflix series Paquita Salas completes the podium as another newcomer.
The Top 10 Most Binged Hispanic Series in June:
1 - High Seas
2 - Money Heist
3 - Go! Live Your Way (New)
4 - Cable Girls (-1)
5 - Elite (-1)
6 - Narcos
7 - The Inmate (-2)
8 - Paquita Salas (New)
9 - Skam Spain (-2)
10 - The Queen of Flow (-2)

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