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History and Fiction Meet on Amazons Second Mexican Original

This week, Amazon Prime Video launched in Mexico City its second original series Un extraño enemigo. Gabriel Ripstein, who directed the show, gives ttvnews all the details on the project. 

By Enrique de la Rosa from Mexico City

After the May premiere of Diablo Guardián, its first original series in Latin America, Amazon Prime Video will present its second original series in the region on October 2: Un extraño enemigo, produced by Filmadora Nacional for Amazon.

During the show's presentation at Mexico City, ttvnews spoke with the director, Gabriel Ripstein, who defined the series as a political thriller that combines story with fiction.

"Un extraño enemigo is an eight-episode political thriller that will premiere on October 2 on Amazon. It's a story born from real-life events, things that happened in Mexico in 1968, and from there we were inspired to build a fiction series centered on the presidential elections that are reaching the climax this year," explained Ripstein.

The show will be set in Mexico City during 1968, a year that stands out because of student protests and the brutal government repression.

Its premiere date, on October 2, is exactly during the 50-year anniversary of those events.

"The 1968 movement is an open wound; it's something that changed the country forever. The result of the movement and the government's repression is something that we continue to live even today," mentioned Ripstein on the event that starts the show.

Starting there, the series imagines a power battle between different people trying to find their seat as heads of a nation.
"It's about a group of politicians who are after the highest office. It's fiction, but inspired on real events," he furthers.

As for the historical recreation, Ripstein explained it was a complicated process, because filming in Mexico City is very difficult.

"It was complicated; the production design was very carefully thought of. Filming in Mexico City is hard, because you can see modern things everywhere. It was challenging to shoot and not see the 21st century everywhere you looked. It took a very extensive and careful design process to recreated 1968," he explained.

Un extraño enemigo follows the story of Commander Barrientos, a brilliant man with a dark side who began his political career from the bottom and is now looking to expand his reach during Mexico's most critical year.

It stars Daniel Giménez Cacho, Kristyan Ferrer, Antonio de la Vega, Karina Gidi and Fernando Becerrill. The premiere date is October 2 on Amazon Prime.

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