Sebastin Amoroso - 29/05/2015

Inside Viacoms Global Content Strategy

Guillermo Borensztein, VP, Content Sales and Co-Production at VIMN Americas, spoke to ttvnews about the company’s new original production strategy, deployed through Viacom International Studios hubs in Miami and Spain.

Viacom International Studios (VIS) presented its new original productions at Miptv 2019, led by To Catch a Thief, the adaptation of the Hitchcock film from the Paramount Pictures library, co-produced with Paramount Network in Europe, which will premiere on June 23 in Spain.
“To Catch a Thief is a project we developed with no screen in LatAm”, Guillermo Borensztein, VP, Content Sales and Co-Production at VIMN Americas, said to ttvnews. “We are now in negotiations in the region.”
The company also presented Homens, the Comedy Central series, co-produced with Porta dos Fundos in Brazil, which Amazon just launched in Latin America.
The catalog also features the super series Campanas en la noche, premiered on Telefe in Argentina, and teen super series Club 57, a co-production with Rainbow and RAI in Italy, completing a “combined content catalog with content in Portuguese and Spanish, with European production for all demos,” he said.
International Content
Ahead of Miptv, VIMN announced the creation of the VIacom International Studios hub in Spain, which was launched amid an entire rebranding for the group in terms of international content production.
”Defining ourselves as a studio means taking risks. Assuming content doesnt necessarily have to come from our brands,” he said.
The European hub is intended for “working on developing, producing and taking our IP to other regions of the world, with a strong focus on co-productions in Spain,” he added.
The first step in this road was To Catch a Thief, which was adapted by Spanish director Javier Olivares (The Ministry of Time). “This type of collab was important because we produced it between the two clusters and we intent to replicate again next year,” he said.
The idea, he explained, is also to “establish new collaboration channels to take the IP and internationalize Porta dos Fundos beyond Brazil, and taking the content to the next level in other territories”.
“We are anticipating the next event, LA Screenings, where we will have our second line up of projects, after the launch last year where we presented more than 12,” he said.
International Adaptations
By creating VIS, the company has been able to consolidate a team covering all areas of the business, from development and production, to content sales.
“This allowed us to make big announcements over the last few weeks and take what we develop in Latin America to other parts of the world, accompanying the rise of local production, especially in Eastern Europe,” Borenztein said.
The company announced the adaptations of Love After Love in Greece and Portugal, Educating Nina in Greece, and Señores Papis in Greece, Hungary and Slovakia.
“It’s an excellent time for both the distributor and the studio, with record income in the area,” he concluded.

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