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Instinto, a First Taste of Erotic Thriller on Spanish TV

Teresa Fernández Valdés, creator and producer of Instinto, spoke to ttvnews about the series premiered this past Thursday in Spain, which will soon make it to Latin America through Amazon Prime.

Movistar+ premiered this Thursday, May 9 in Spain, the first season of its original series Instinto, a production by Bambu Producciones that StudioCanal distributes for the international market as part of an alliance between the three companies.
With eight 50-minute episodes, the series stars Mario Casas, Silvia Alonso, Ingrid García-Jonsson and Óscar Casas, and is described as an erotic thriller, a genre so far unexplored on Spanish TV.
While it’s already available on Movistar+ in Spain, the series will soon make its way to Latin America through Amazon Prime and the US on Pantaya, by Lionsgate and Hemisphere Media.
Instinto is an erotic thriller in which we will discover who is Marco Mur, a young very successful entrepreneur who finds it difficult to relate to his surroundings, especially on an affectionate level,” said Teresa Fernandez Valdes, creator and producer of Instinto.
“So the way in which he can let loose in his sexuality is through a club where nobody knows anyone, because everyone has their faces covered,” she added.
“The most important thing is this character has a trauma that for some reason, 17 years later, he must face again. It will come to him in his dreams. So that’s how we will learn about what is going on with Marco, why he is the way he is and why he channels all that pain that he holds inside through sex.”
In addition to Fernandez Valdez, the series was created by Ramon Campos and Gema R Neira. Still, according to the producer, it’s more of a personal project through which she wanted to represent sexuality and erotica in a different way.
“It’s more of a personal project. At Bambu with Ramon Campos and Gema Rodriguez we worked on content in an open way. We are always adding to the team but in this case, the idea for the series came from me. And then it was built as a collective,” she said.
“I think it’s the right time to talk about erotica and women not only in a romantic fashion, but as what we are, what we’re prepared to be that’s not only the damsel in distress,” she added.
The series has a strong sexual load and scenes, that are still showcased with great elegance, she said.
“We wanted to work with sexuality for the female audience, for which we showed it in a kinder way, a lighter way, not as hard to film. We wanted strong sex, as you will see, but the way in which we will treat it is slowly. There are strong scenes but we talk about sex in a light, beautiful way,” she said.
About the story, she said it will be told through eight episodes, although with different ways to extend it for a second season.
“Marco’s story ends on episode eight. Whoever wants to solve the puzzle can do so, but as always with series, you can never say that’s the end. We could continue it as the same story or an antology series, with a different story but in the same world,” she concluded.

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