Rodrigo Ros - 29/05/2015

Javier Tebas: "Piracy costs LaLiga 300 million euros a year only in Spain"

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, talked to ttvnews on occasion of the #SportsSummitMX, highlighting the importance of fighting piracy, which causes the sports industry losses in the millions.

Day 2 of the 2019 Sports Anti-Piracy Summit featured the outstanding presence of Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, an association which has been giving an exemplary fight against piracy.

At the event, the exec revealed to ttvnews the reason is simple: "We’ve estimated that piracy costs us around 300 million euros a year,” Tebas highlighted.

"Worldwide it’s very difficult to evaluate every country, but we’re most likely talking about an additional 500 or 600 million dollars. Annually, we could be losing a billion euros to piracy easily,” he added.

Tebas stressed that piracy is currently one of the biggest challenges the audiovisual industry has to face, and even more so the sports audiovisual industry.

"Piracy is the biggest challenge the audiovisual industry has to face nowadays, and even more so the sports audiovisual industry,” Tebas said. “Our events are live and anyone who doesn’t pay to see the event in real time is having a big negative impact on the industry,” he added.

When asked about what the biggest challenges for the industry are in the next five years, Tebas did not hesitate: adapting to the emerging OTT-based environment and fighting content theft.

"The biggest challenge in the years to come is getting the whole industry to understand the transformations that the audiovisual sector is undergoing from IPs to cable, satellite and OTTs. We’re experiencing a shift similar to the one that has been happening and continues to happen around paper-based media, which is going digital. They have had a lot of problems, and if we don’t understand this, we will have a lot of problems ourselves,” the exec remarked.

“And then there is everything that has to do with piracy. The audiovisual area is football clubs’ main source of income; if we are unable to neutralize this threat, we’ll be in trouble,” he added.

Finally, the exec emphasized the importance of holding events like the  Sports Anti-Piracy Summit, as these gatherings are key in order to create a united front against piracy.

"Bringing together every agent involved in the fight against piracy is of the utmost importance. Throughout this Summit, we have seen a lot of high-level panels and interventions. I think it brought together the very best names in piracy and sports, and I hope that forums of this kind continue to happen because we need to debate and generate awareness, that’s the main use,” Tebas concluded.

The Sports Anti-Piracy Summit is organized by TodoTVMedia and hosted by FOX Sports. The event has the sponsorship of LaLiga, Bundesliga, Genius Sports, LTA Hub and Directv, among others.

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