Rodrigo Ros - 29/05/2015

LA Screenings Day 2: Globo as the Main Protagonist

This Wednesday, Globo hosted its Breakfast Screening to present a multi-genre portfolio spearheaded by series Iron Island, It’s a Match, First Time Parents, Crashing Into the Future and Pride and Passion.

By Sebastián Amoroso and Rodrigo Ros, from Los Angeles

Day two of the Independent LA Screenings (LASI) 2019 - a market that will take place until Friday, May 17 at the InterContinental Hotel - had Globo and its catalogue as the main protagonist.

The Brazilian giant hosted its traditional Breakfast Screening - in the style of Natpe Miami - where it presented the latest productions for the international market, including series Iron Island, comedy series It’s a Match and First Time Parents, and telenovelas Crashing Into the Future and Pride and Passion, inspired by the works of Jane Austen.

In addition, Raphael Corrêa Netto, Head of International Business at Globo, shared the company’s vision for the future of the business during the presentation.

"Today Globo Group is going from a media company to a media tech company," said the executive.

"What are we talking about when we say media tech? When we bring together content and technology to generate business; content and talent, with stories, with our unique ability to create major telenovelas, fictions, varieties, sports and journalism; with technology to approach clients, agencies and advertisers," he added.

"We believe that this transformation is vital for success in this industry, whether in Brazil or around the world," Corrêa Netto concluded.

What’s New at the Indies?

The independent market, which has more than 80 exhibiting companies on site, showed an accelerated pace in terms of meetings, networking and the arrival of buyers from all across Latin America prior to the beginning of the screenings from Hollywood’s majors.

Early in the morning, Viacom International Studios (VIS) made a new announcement prior to its screening next Friday.

On this occasion, VIS announced it’s first Mexican thriller, Dani Who?, has begun filming this Wednesday, May 15. The show is coming soon to Latin America thanks to Paramount Channel and Amazon Prime Video.

On its end, Dori Media is presenting El Marginal 3 from Underground, which will be released on July 9 by Argentina’s TV Pública. At the same time, it announced the sale of seasons one and two of the show to Universal TV. NBCUniversal will air the hit prison series for all of Latin America.

"We’re bringing season three of El Marginal to LA Screenings, which will premiere on July 9. We are very happy and, obviously, we continue to sell the first two seasons," María Pérez Campi, Head of sales for Latin America at Dori Media, told ttvnews.

Furthermore, Televisa continues betting on the development of its new line of contemporary stories spearheaded by Fábrica de sueños and its first two installments: La usurpadora y Cuna de lobos; as well as El dragón, a series based on the work of Arturo Pérez-Reverte, among others.

"We are very happy because we have already had feedback from the customers of the new material that Televisa is making," Fernando Muñiz, Director of Televisa Internacional, told ttvnews.

"The comments are that they really like the new way in which we are presenting our content, how our production has been turned around to do completely different and new things."

Also, América Televisión and Tondero Distribución announced a deal to offer production services in Peru with the aim of attracting international players.

América TV has the most modern and well-equipped studios in the region, taking over 4,200 square meters on a complex of 5.4 hectares.

In addition, Eccho Rights is presenting Turkish drama The Promise, produced by Karamel Yapim for Kanal 7 in Turkey.

"It's a daily drama that airs on Kanal 7. It's a big hit in Turkey on access primetime, and it pulls some numbers that are unusual for that slot. After a few days on air, we licensed the second season, so we are already selling 300 episodes," said Barbora Suster, Sales Director for Latin America at Eccho Rights.

Somos Distribution announced a new original series in partnership with production company Phoenix, which joins the preproduction of originals, like The History of Menudo and Juan Diego. The script for new series Juego Interrumpido has already been developed.

"It's about the adoption of Mexican children in the United States, which later is discovered were the product of a kidnapping, and it is precisely about how they get into that world and find out who the biological parents of the child are," told Francisco Villanueva, VP and COO at Somos Distribution, to ttvnews.

CDC United Network presented its movie portfolio, betting strongly on the consumption of the horror genre in VOD and SVOD platforms with titles such as Jeepers Creepers, for example.

"Terror is a genre that has been well received in those platforms,” explained Jimmy van der Heyden, Sales Manager for the company.

"The reports we received from our clients show that people click on them. It’s a genre that works well in theaters, and also while renting movies. It is a niche product especially for VOD and SVOD," he summarized.

Meanwhile, Glowstar Media is launching a Spanish format that seeks to become "the new entertainment show of the year in Latin America".

In addition, Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) conducted its traditional screening, where it presented the latest Korean content from CJ E&M / Dragon Studio, JTBC, KBS Media, MBC America and SBS International.

Activities for Thursday 16

For Thursday, May 16, activities will continue at the InterContinental where Caracol Televisión will hold a gala to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The event will also be key in presenting all the new content, including Pescaito, the new super-series starring Carlos Vives, who will also offer an exclusive show during the screening.

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