Rodrigo Ros - 29/05/2015

LA Screenings Day 3: Paramount Gets the Ball Rolling on the Majors

On Thursday, May 16, Paramount Pictures hosted its traditional screening in Los Angeles; while Caracol Televisión celebrated its 50th anniversary with an exclusive live performance from Carlos Vives, star of the show Pescaíto. 

By Sebastián Amoroso and Rodrigo Ros from Los Angeles

This Thursday, Paramount Pictures kick started the week of screenings for Hollywood’s majors, while Caracol Televisión celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The Colombian network and producer hosted its traditional screening at the InterContinental, where it presented new original productions including Pescaíto, La reina de las Indias y el conquistador, Amar y vivir, Los Briceño and El hijo del cacique.

In addition, Carlos Vives, star of Pescaíto, gave an exclusive live performance.

"Carlos Vives, who crossed borders with his music, returns to Caracol’s screen after hits like Small Giants or The Voice, and also returns to acting," said to ttvnews Karen Juliao Macchia, International Marketing Director of Caracol Televisión.

"Pescaíto is a popular neighborhood in Santa Marta, Colombia. It's a sort of a return to Carlos' roots. The story is in production and we are very happy," added the executive.

In the new fiction, the music icon plays an old football star that returns to his home in order to become the mentor of a local team with dreams of reaching the majors.

What’s new at the Indies?

Hours after announcing a deal with The Mediapro Studio for the production the Implacables-Mexico, Sony Pictures Television (SPT) returned to take the indie market by storm this Thursday in Los Angeles.

The company announced a deal with FOXTelecolombia for the joint production and distribution of three series: the remake of El precio del silencio, and original series La espía and Regias.

The three shows will be produced in Mexico by Estudios Telemexico, a subsidiary of FOXTelecolombia. The distribution will be handled by SPT, which will have the international rights for the show.

“Latin American productions are an extraordinarily important pillar in our strategy of becoming the largest independent content provider in the region," said Alex Marín, EVP of Networks and Distribution at SPT Latin America, to ttvnews.

Meanwhile, Patricio Wills, President of Televisa Studios, confirmed that the Mexican giant is moving forward with its co-development and international coproduction strategy.

In this sense, the company already has several fiction projects on the works for Amazon Prime - announcements will be coming soon alongside the OTT platform -, Sony Pictures Television, MGM, The Mediapro Studio and Endemol Shine Boomdog.

"They are all short shows, and then there are some of about 60 episodes," said the executive.

"It's something we're looking for at Televisa. The only rule we have for anyone who wants to approach us, is that there are no rules and no pre-established formats. We will take a look at it and if the story works for Mexican and international audiences, we will take it," he said.

On the other hand, Televisa continues to produce the new versions of classics under the brand Fábrica de sueños, among which are titles that are about to go on air like La usurpadora and Cuna de lobos, and some about to start production, like Rubí.

"Our production plans include doing three more next year, which are Los ricos también lloran, El maleficio and Quinceañera," said Wills.

On its end, VIP 2000 TV, Ecuavisa and Casablanca announced an international deal for the co-production of El Naza, a two-season series with 40 episodes each.

The new fiction will be shot in 4K across different locations in Latin America with international actors. VIP 2000 TV will handle the distribution.

"We have already written the first season, which we will start shooting in August with Mexican stars, in Brazil and Ecuador," Rosalind Rotundo, VP of VIP 2000 TV told ttvnews.

Meanwhile, Pol-ka Producciones is presenting drama Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza, currently on air on El Trece.

"We thought about international sales and OTT as three series of 40 episodes each," explained Manuel Martí, Head of Development and International Business of the company. "We’ve been having great conversations these days and we think something will close soon," he added.

In addition, the executive detailed the news regarding the line of premium series for Turner Latin America, HBO Latin America, FOX Networks Latin America and Netflix, for which it develops Puerta 7, the third original fiction from the platform in Argentina.

Furthermore, Gaumont is bringing successful original series Narcos and El Chapo, now available for pay-tv and broadcast TV.

In addition, the company is already producing original series El Presidente (8x60), inspired by the so-called "FIFA Gate" scandal, hand in hand with Fabula and Kapow. The show will be available in 2020 by Amazon Prime.

"The president has already started the first shooting stages in Chile, while some progress has been made in Argentina and we will continue shooting in other parts of the world,” commented Ezequiel Olzanski, VP of Distribution and Co-production for Latin America at Gaumont.

"We’re very excited about the production of these first episodes," he concluded.

Activities for Friday 17

For Friday, Viacom International Studios (VIS) will host its screenings where it will announce the news for its portfolio of brands, as well as news regarding original productions.

The screening will take place at the Gran Salon Ballroom of the InterContinental Hotel.

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