Carolina Mussio - 29/05/2015

Haymillian and Match Point Present the Next Big Trends in Turkish Production

The dubbing company and the Turkish distributor have joined forces to present a catalog of high-quality Turkish films in several genres and languages, aimed at expanding on the success accomplished by Turkish dramas in Latin America.

Following the resounding success Turkish TV series have had in Latin America, audiences and broadcasters in the region are now open to other genres and formats that may come from the country, prompting Turkish producers to raise the bar in terms of production quality and variety of genres.
As part of this new era of Turkish production and backed by years of experience with Turkish dramas, local sales agent Match Point is now presenting a vast catalog of locally-developed feature films, aimed at starting a new trend in Latin America and the world.
"We represent over 150 Turkish feature films and the catalog is still growing," Melis Nersesoglu Konca, Owner of Match Point, said to ttvnews at the last Mipcom in Cannes. "We already have a solid base in the region with the series, so now it's time to generate a new busienss with the movies."
"My job revolved around Turkish series, so I know the market very well and I know audiences are very interested in this type of movies," she explained, adding this growing interest comes from audiences' trust in Turkish quality and, more importantly, their desire to see their favorite actors again.
"These movies feature stars they already know from the TV series, who are very popular in the region, such as Halit Ergenç, better known as Onur," she explained. 
"I believe Latin American audiences will find the stars they already know, along with many new ones, in our catalog, in different situations such as movies in several genres," she added, highlighting comedy as a potential "next big trend" to come from Turkey.
"These are movies that are not just historic and serious, but also comedies. There is a lot of talent in Turkey in terms of comedy, which is hard to distribute, but I think if the right titles are chosen, they can connect with Latin American audiences, same as drama does. This could be the next big genre," she said.
In their own language
To ensure its catalog's smooth journey into Latin America, Match Point has partnered with dubbing and subtitling company Haymillian, which is currently dubbing its feature films into neutral Spanish for Latin audiences.
"We are dubbing their movie catalog for Latin America, so those audiences who already know the actors and directors from Turkish series, can see these great films," said Aida Martirosyan, Managing Director at Haymillian, said to ttvnews.
To allow Match Point's movies to reach different territories in Latin America, Haymillian is dubbing the catalog into neutral Spanish, so it's "well received in every country." 
"When we do the subtitling, many times we don't know which countries will acquire the content, so we can't translate it into a specific Spanish such as Argentinean or Mexican," she explained. "In addition, when the content is dubbed into Spanish, it allows the audience to listen to the voices and connect with the stories and characters."
This way, Match Point is hoping its catalog reaches several countries in Latin America, such as Mexico, Chile and Peru, where the demand for Turkish movies is higher, as well as all types of platforms and services. 
Haymillian expands internationally
As for Haymillian, the dubbing and subtitling company has had a busy 2017 in terms of projects and new partners. Already present in 20 countries, the company is now seeking to reach new territories in Asia and probably expand to a new Asian country in 2018.
"It's been a busy year for us. For example, we adapted three Russian comedies into English, which was very challenging because we had to translate them and transform Russian humor into English humor," she said.
"It was also a challenging year in Asia, where our Chinese operations are growing. There are also other territories like Malaysia, Indonesia and India that are emerging. We are very happy because this led us to expand our presence. We are now expanding our offices in Lebanon to reach more clients in the Middle East," she concluded.

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