Rodrigo Ros - 29/05/2015

Miptv: Turkish Companies Revive Interest in LatAm Co-Productions

Day three of Miptv confirmed Turkish companies’ intentions to start producing content in Latin America, a plan that for some has already become a reality.

*By Gonzalo Larrea and Rodrido Ros, from Cannes, France.
The plan announced this Tuesday by Inter Medya to ttvnews about beginning to produce content in Latin America seems to be a unanimous decision among Turkish companies, with projects already in the works and soon to be announced.
“In addition to selling content in the region, we could soon add new business models, such as co-productions between Turkish companies and LatAm broadcasters, which could be done in Turkey or in Latin America, with stars from both regions,” said this Tuesday Can Okan, CEO of Inter Medya.
And now, Madd Entertainment confirmed to ttvnews that it’s preparing not one, but two co-productions in the region.
“We are about to announce a co-production with an international studio and another one with a broadcast TV network in Latin America,” Ateş Ince, Managing Director of Madd, said to ttvnews. “One will be produced in Colombia and the other one in Mexico.”
And while the partners can’t be announced yet, the executive said both projects are ind development and will begin production soon.
Madd also wants to generate similar alliances in Spain, he said. In every case, the company’s goal is to distribute the titles and diversify its catalog with one of the most demanded genres in today’s market: Hispanic fiction.
In addition, Calinos Entertainment has kicked off similar plans following the success of Original Sin, a series produced in Romania with Turkish scripts.
“We want to develop this type of production with Latin America as well. Generating Turkish scripts and producing them in different markets, to then distribute the finished product,” said Duda Rodrigues, rep for Calinos in Latin America.
More Deals for Spanish Content
Confirming Spain’s popularity in the market, several Spanish companies also made their own sales announcements this Wednesday.
Imagina International Sales, for instance, announced deals for Side Games in Venezuela, Greece and Eastern Europe; and for Vis a vis, Nit y dia and Pulsaciones to Belgium, joining the sale of Vis a vis in Japan.
Atresmedia also found demand in Asia, announcing a deal for its series with an OTT in the region.
“At this market we noticed an interest for Atresmedia series in Asia. In addition to Vis a vis selling to Hulu, we will close a deal with an Asian platform that we can’t announce yet,” said Diana Borbón, Sales Executive at Atresmedia Internacional.
And TVE revealed to ttvnews the sale of Acacias 38 to Canal 13 in Chile.
Lastly, To Catch a Thief, a series by Viacom International Studios, co-produced between Argentina and Spain, will air in Italy, France and the Middle East and Germany, in addition to Spain, on Paramount Network.
“In the next few weeks we will be announcing an important deal with Latin America for its first regional screen,” said Guillermo Borenztein, VP of Content Sales and Coproduction at Viacom International Media Networks Americas.
Awards and Celebrations
The day also featured a new Fresh TV conference by The Wit, which highlighted several Hispanic fictions, including: Argentina, Land of Passion and Revenge, Betty in NY, Toy Boy and Dangerous Moms. Globo stood out with Aruanas.
And in terms of awards, Globo won at the International Kids Emmys in the series category with Young Hearts.
Perfect Life, the Spanish series by Movistar+, won big at Canneseries with the awards for Best Series and Special Performance. Distributed by Beta Film, the series was the only Hispanic one in the festival’s selection.

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