Gonzalo Larrea - 29/05/2015

New Telefe Biopic, Sandro de Amrica, Set to Premiere

Juan Parodi, president of The Magic Eye, spoke to ttvnews about the ambitious new series based on the life of Argentine singer Sandro, which has already been sold in almost every country in the region and will premiere on the Argentine network in March.

Standing as one of the most anticipated projects in Latin America since its announcements at the LA Screennings in 2016, the new biopic Sandro de América is finally ready to make its debut.
Argentine network Telefe is announcing its premiere “very soon” and as revealed by Juan Parodi, president of The Magic Eye, to ttvnews, the premiere would take place in March of this year.
“We have it ready. We are sorting out the final details, changing up a few things in editing, because Telefe will surely begin airing it in March,” Parodi, the show’s producer through The Magic Eye, Telefilms’ production house, explained.
“We are very happy with the final product. It has a strong level of production and luckily the Latin American networks are standing behind it,” he added.
According to Parodi, the series has already been sold in almost every country in the region, given the importance of Sandro across America.
“In the very beginning, I remember placing an add on a magazine, revealing I had the rights to Sandro and every broadcast network in Latin America said ‘I want it’. Because Sandro’s popularity in the region is incredible, in countries like Chile, Colombia, Peru or Bolivia, where he is very strong,” he said.
Still, the series’ sales will be announced by Telefe, which is managing its distribution alongside Telefilms.
“Telefe is the one who’ll be doing all the announcements, but from what I know, they’ve signed deals in almost every country. We knew we had a strong product for the region and it paid off. Luckily, we ended up with a very strong product in terms of production,” he said.
In regard to the development project for the series, Parodi said it was many years in the making, from acquiring the rights to writing the scripts, to the arrival of Telefe as a partner and the support from the INCAA.
Directed by Uruguayan director Adrián Caetano (El Marginal), Sandro de América will tell the story of the singer in 13 episodes. The main cast features Agustín Sullivan, Marco Antonio Caponi, Antonio Grimau, La China Suárez, Justina Bustos, Isabel Macedo, Lali Espósito and Calu Rivero, among others.
In addition to Sandro, The Magic Eye is currently developing up to five fiction projects, with another biopic and at least three ambitious series “with very strong budgets and brands”.
“But we want to wait to announce them when we have them more developed in terms of story. We already have the rights and we started working on the development, but since everything changes so much, we are not sure which one we’ll start producing first,” he concluded.

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