Gonzalo Larrea - 29/05/2015

Olympusat Triples Dubbing Capabilities in Mexico

Tom Mohler, CEO of Olympusat, talked to ttvnews about the company’s latest news, among which is the expansion of their dubbing operations in Mexico and the upcoming launch of their OTT Vemox in Latin America.

American company Olympusat continues expanding its LatAm operations through the upscaling of their dubbing services in Mexico and the future regional launch of their OTT.
As for dubbing services, Tom Mohler, CEO of Olympusat, told ttvnews that they have tripled their capabilities.
"We expandend our office in Mexico City, from restoring old movies to predominably be a major dubbing house," said Mohler.
"Although we will continue restoring movies, we are going from 10 dubbing rooms which we have right now to 30 dubbing rooms, which means we need 15 or 20 editing suits. So it’s a really major production facility,” he added.
As for TV series, the exec announce that La hacienda del Rey, the company’s first Spanish-language series launched at 2018 LA Screenings, has struck production and distribution partnerships.
"I’m happy to annouce that we have two major partners for distribution and production. I cant tell the names, but they are major companies," he asserted.
With these partners on board, the show is going to start shooting in April, Mohler revealed. "Mexico or Puerto Rico, we are thinking about it," he said.
Along with La hacienda del Rey, Olympusat is embarked in an ambitious project of making TV series all across the globe, with productions in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
"By the end of the year, we want to be producing 20 episodes per week. And in the movies side, we want to have up to 20 or 30 movies produced per month,” he said.
In addition to all this, the company will launch its OTT service Vemox in Latin America by mid-year.
“For now, Vemox is available in the US only. We intend to launch it in Latin America with our marketing partners. We have them in 20 countries and are expecting to have more by mid-year,” he added.

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