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Perfect Life, a Portrait of the Modern Woman

From Cannes, Leticia Dolera, director, screenwriter and star of Perfect Life (Déjate llevar) spoke to ttvnews about the standout Movistar+ fiction, winner of the Canneseries festival.

*By Gonzalo Larrea, from Cannes, France
This Wednesday, the second edition of the Canneseries festival granted the award for Best Fiction to Spanish original series Perfect Life (Déjate llevar) by Movistar+, confirming the popularity of Spanish fiction.
Produced by Corte y Confección de Películas and distributed internationally by Beta Film, the series is created by Spain’s Leticia Dolera, who is also its screenwriter, director and star.
“The award was creating the series. Being in Cannes is really an added bonus,” Dolera said to ttvnews hours before the award was announced at Canneseries, where her series also won in the Special Performance category.
“The screening was beautiful, I wasn’t expecting people to connect with the story so much,” she said. “In the first episode there is a lot of dialog and even having to read subtitles, the audience connected to it the entire time: the room got quite during dramatic scenes and filled with laughter in the funny parts. And at the end people clapped so much. It was beautiful.”
Perfct Life (8x25') is a dramatic comedy that narrates the vital circumstances of three women faced with the impossibility of leading that perfect life that social standards demand. In the words of the creator, the protagonists discover that the foundations they had built no longer serve them and they have to learn, above all, to let themselves go.
The three women are played by Dolera herself, Celia Freijeiro and Aixa Villagrán, who also traveled to Cannes to present the series.
“I think people will like the series because it’s good, it’s fun and it delves with issues everyone is interested in,” Freijeiro said.
Both actresses agreed about how exciting it was to be a part of this project from the start. “I prepared the castings a lot. I even wrote a song to sing. I felt like I had to get it, I was all in,” said Aixa Villagran.
Dolera also spoke about the series’ modern storyline, explaining they didn’t care if it was controversial or not politically correct. “I’ve tried to be honest in what I wanted to say, which in this case was everything that made me uneasy, me and my friends, and the women around me,” she said.
And what are those things? “Through Esther, Cristina and Maria, I’ve talked about success versus frustration, about how family role models are taught, about sexuality from a female perspective, where women aren’t objects of desire, and also the mental load and the stress many women who are working mothers must face,” she said.
The first eight episodes of Perfect Life will premiere this year in Spain exclusively on Movistar+.
Will there be a second season? Dolera seemed optimistic: “When the first one is done, you don’t get the feeling that you were left hanging. But it’s true that these are characters with a lot to give, without a doubt there’s potential for a second season.”

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