@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

SportsSummitMX: Technology for Content Protection

Simon Hanna, Partnerships Director at Friend MTS, will be in Mexico to take part in a panel organised to discuss solutions for tackling content theft. In addition, a workshop will be imparted to analyse the issue in depth.

Streaming piracy has become a massive problem for the premium sports industry. It impacts the entire value chain, from the content owners and their licensees through to the pay TV platforms.

"This content theft is now taking place at an industrial scale, with pirate services delivering a huge range of sports channels and events stolen from around the globe," asserts Simon Hanna, Partnerships Director at Friend MTS, a company specialized in technological development which will attend #SportsSummitMX, the event that will be taking place at the World Trade Center of Mexico City on February 20-21.

"Why sports piracy presents a particular challenge? It requires real time identification of pirate streams and termination of the pirate content sources within a very short period of time,” he adds. This is so due to both the bureaucratic obstacles inherent to every country’s legal system and the technical agility with which the pirates act.

"Fortunately, the impact of piracy can be mitigated. However, it requires coordination between the content owners, broadcasters and operators," stresses Hanna, who will be featured in the panel entitled Good Practices in the Use of Content Protection Technology, to be held towards the end of Day 1 of the Summit.

Registration is open at the event’s official website.

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