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Spotlight On: Brave and Beautiful, LatAms Newest Turkish Gem

A standout drama in Turkey and Eastern Europe in 2016, the Ay Yapim fiction distributed by Eccho Rights is on its way to take over Latin America. Already sold in Chile and Mexico, it most recently reached Colombia, Puerto Rico and Paraguay.  

Brave and Beautiful
Genre: Drama series
Episodes: 101 x 45'
Producer: Ay Yapim
Distributor: Eccho Rights
Original network: Star TV, Turkey
Brave and Beautiful (original Turkish title: Cesur ve Güzel) was the launch of the season on Star TV in Turkey in late 2016, and instantly became a favorite with local audiences. 
Soon after its launch, the Turkish fiction, produced by Ay Yapim and distributed by Eccho Rights, became part of the unstoppable wave of Turkish dramas making its way to international markets.
From Turkey to Latin America
Brave and Beautiful was first sold in Chile in October of 2016, as part of an output that Chilean network Mega signed with Eccho Rights for four projects from Ay Yapim. 
In early 2017, news was revealed that Brave and Beautiful might become the first Turkish drama to air in Spain's broadcast TV, with report indicating that Eccho Rights held detailed negotiations with a major Spanish broadcaster over the drama.
In August of this year, the Ay Yapim drama made its way into four major Latin American markets, first premiering in Mexico on August 8 on Imágen Televisión. The drama is one of three Turkish dramas acquired by the Mexican network, along with That life is mine, which premiered on July 3, and Insider, still yet to premiere.
On Monday, August 14, Brave and Beautiful made its debut on the newly-launched Canal Uno in Colombia, where it airs Mondays through Fridays at 8:00pm.
One day later, the drama premiered in Puerto Rico on local network Wapa Televisión, under the original title Cesur ve Güzel.
Last but not least, Brave and Beautiful reached Paraguay, where the telenovela was acquired by Telefuturo, as announced by Eccho Rights. The premiere date is still TBA.
The drama has also been sold to the Middle East, North Africa, Israel and Eastern Europe.
A Story of Revenge
In Brave and Beautiful, Cesur comes back to Korludağ, a small city outside of Istanbul, to take revenge from Tahsin Korludağ because of their family enmity. When Cesur finds out that Sühan is Tahsin Korludağ’s daughter, he decides to take over his enemy’s most weak spot. 
Cesur meets Sühan Korludağ in an unexpected way and the two eventually fall in love, a love that threatens to shake the shackles of Tahsin Korludag's evil regime. Will Cesur be able to avenge the four lives that Korludag and Riza Chirpiji owe him?
The show stars Tuba Büyüküstün as Sühan Korludağ and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as Cesur Alemdaroğlu.

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