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Spotlight On: Las Estrellas

Produced by the same team behind Esperanza Mía, the new fiction made its debut in May, with ratings high enough to help El Trece become the leading network in Argentina for the first time this year.

Las Estrellas
Genre: Telenovela
Producers: Dori Media, Pol-ka Productions, El Trece
Distributor: Dori Media Distribution
Original network: El Trece
Episodes: 1 season, 120 episodes
"We've won back a young audience of 20-somethings. I see it in the feedback on social media," said Marta Betoldi, who leads the team of writers responsible for the new fiction series, Las Estrellas, following its stellar debut on Argentina's El Trece network in June.
The show reached ratings of up to 24.4 points during its premiere on Monday, May 29, and has scored excellent results ever since, helping El Trece to finally end Telefe's winning streak in June, and climb to the top of the charts as Argentina's highest-rated network of the month.
The series' success comes as no surprise, given its creators' track record: Las Estrellas marks the return to production in Argentina for Israeli company Dori Media, and its reunion with El Trece and Argentine production company, Pol-ka, with whom it produced its previous international success, Esperanza Mía, in 2015.
"Las Estrellas is our main new production in terms of fiction. It's a 120-episode telenovela co-produced with Pol-ka," said María Perez Campi, sales manager for Dori Media Distribution. "It's a big bet on domestic production, the second one from Pol-ka so far this year."
Written by Mara Pescio, Marta Betoldi and Santiago Guerty, and directed by Sebastián Pivotto and Lucas Gil, Las Estrellas focuses on the life of the five Estrella sisters who, after the death of their father, learn that if they want to collect their inheritance, they must jointly manage their boutique hotel for one year.  
"They are five sisters, they all have the same father, but two come from one mother, two from another and the fifth one was born in an extramarital relationship. The five meet with their father's notary, who introduces the fifth sister, which is a surprise for all. He also tells them that they have a very large inheritance, but it comes with one condition: they all have to work in a boutique hotel together," said María Pérez Campi.
"Then the father dies and they have to start this new road together, almost without knowing each other, and leaving their lives behind," she the executive.
The show stars renowned Argentine actresses Marcela Kloosterboer, Celeste Cid, Natalie Pérez, Violeta Urtizberea and Justina Busto. 
The main cast is completed by Esteban Lamothe, Gonzalo Valenzuela, Rafael Ferro, Luciano Castro. In addition, Nicolás Francella, Nazareno Casero, Nicolás Riera, Ezequiel Rodríguez and Julieta Nair Calvo also participate.
The dramatic comedy was originally conceived as a weekly show, but El Trece finally opted to turn it into a daily series after the timid results obtained by its previous telenovela, Quiero vivir a tu lado.
Same as with Esperanza Mía, Las Estrellas is distributed internationally by Dori Media Distribution. 

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