@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

Star Media Aims at the English-Speaking Market

Having become notably popular in the US and Canada through Amazon, Star Media's series Detective Anna will now get more episodes subtitled and reach new English-speaking markets.

"It was a great surprise. Non-other Russian series was so successful," Vlad Ryashin, CEO of Star Media, said to ttvnews about the resounding success of Detective Anna, which premiered for US and Canadian audiences through Amazon.
With only 16 of its 56 episodes subtitled into English for these markets, the series already became a success with local audiences, ensuring dubbing for the remaining 40.
In addition, the series will not only continue its broadcast for the US and Canada, but it will also reach new English-speaking markets such as the UK, New Zealand, Australia and possibly South Africa.
"From the platform they decided to experiment with those 16 episodes first and after three months, they told us they saw excellent results with the series and that audiences in the US and Canada were very interested in it," Ryashin said.
"The story takes place in the late XIX Century in Russia. It's a very Russian detective series but with mystical elements, because the heroine hears and feels mystical things," he added.
Anna is a 19 year-old girl who lives in the Russian city of Zatonsk, who discovers she has supernatural powers. With the help of her visions, she investigates and solves a series of mysterious crimes which have baffled the police.
An experienced detective, Yakov Shtolman, joins Anna and becomes her partner. Anna plays the main role in each investigation, but Yakov completes each case through his experience and intelligence.
And keeping with the English-speaking market, Star Media is also working on its second co-production in English following the successful Mata Hari: the new series The Emperal Spy, co-produced and distributed by FremantleMedia.
"The story revolves around a real-life character from the XVII Century, a woman who became a lover of a power man in Europe and then worked as a spy for Catherine the Great," he said.
Lastly, the executive spoke about other projects the company is currently working on, including "two big international projects" with "a big international distributor", as well as a Russian-German documentary about World War II.

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