@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

Streaming Will Have a Place at #SportsSummitMX

With the unprecedented event of February 20-21 in mind, Javier Cornejo, Products Director at Mediastream, previews how a high-quality streaming service can prevent piracy by offering consumers a great experience.

#SportsSummitMX, the event on content protection and innovation that will be held in Mexico’s World Trade Center on February 20-21, will feature Javier Cornejo, Products Director at Mediastream, in one of its outstanding workshops on technology.

The exec will advise content producers and distributor son piracy, streaming and consumer experience.

“Fighting online piracy is important in order to provide users with a good experience, and to monetize content, of course. When there is piracy, users get a lousy experience, we cannot get feedback from them and, of course, there are illegal entities profiting from content that do not belong to them,” he explained.

According to Cornejo, "Very often users are willing to pay for content, but they cannot find platforms that make it available. Thus, fighting piracy is just as important as making available platforms that feature the content and are accessible and, above all, user-friendly".

The key word for the exec is: expertise. This has to do with his company’s long trajectory, throughout which it has broadcasted a wide range of international competitions.

"In this summit, Mediastream will contribute its expertise, which has been achieved by broadcasting several sports events such as the Colombian Football League, the Champions League, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, in which we reached more than a million recurring users. And always guaranteeing a multi-device, quality, safe broadcast, in a complex market piracy-wise like the Latin American market.”

Registration for #SportsSummitMX is available at the event’s official website.

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