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TV Azteca Celebrates 25 Years Looking at the Future

This August 2nd, the Mexican network is celebrating its first 25 years amidst a "reinvention" that started back in 2015 with the arrival of Benjamín Salinas.

This Thursday, August 2, is no ordinary day for TV Azteca. Why? Because the 2nd of August of 1993, the network went live on channel 13 in Mexico and brought back competition to the broadcast TV arena in the country.

Since then, Azteca has become a true media powerhouse in Mexico and Latin America, while focusing on the next 25 years under the leadership of Benjamín Salinas.

"25 years ago we embarked on a journey with a very clear course: to be a world class television company, competitive, committed to its people, to its audience and to Mexico," said Ricardo Salinas, founder of the channel.

"Today, Benjamín Salinas has given a new dimension to broadcast television in Mexico. In order to face increasing demands from audiences in the face of new technologies, since his appointment as CEO of TV Azteca, he established the Reinvention and Evolution of our television station, targeting cultural changes and rethinking the way we create content. This strategy already makes us the preferred network for new generations and in thousands of homes in Mexico and the world. In the hands of Benjamín, and with the commitment of the entire team, this company will go even further, and we will continue leading the way in the creation of inclusive prosperity through television," he added.

Since 2015, Benjamín Salinas has been the leader of TV Azteca, and upon his arrival promised a reinvention of the channel to take it to the top.

And in these three years he has achieved a big part of his objectives, first with the production of powerful fiction series and a strong bet for live entertainment. And according to the executive, who spoke to ttvnews, his goal is to reach a 40% share for 2020, which is something they're on track to make happen: they went from a 28% share in 2015 to a 35% share in 2018.

"Nowadays we're a magnet for talent and we're definitely seen a progress there," he assured.

And on this August 2, 2018 the executive took the opportunity to thank the network's workers and audience for this incredible 25 years.

"Congratulations for these first 25 years of TV Azteca, for the professionalism, the passion and the drive, for the hours devoted to an audience that today rewards us with their preference", expressed the channel's CEO.

"We will continue to revolutionize the way we entertain and inform Mexicans. Together we'll strive for more! Thanks to the production of said content and our greater broadcasting capabilities we have captivated larger audiences, who recognize our momentum by tuning in and spending time on our screens," he concluded.

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