@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

TVE Releases First Trailer for New Spanish Thriller La caza. Monteperdido

The Spanish network offered a first look at its new series made in collaboration with DLO Producciones, which is an adaptation of Agustín Martínez’s international best-seller.

Two months after wrapping production in Spain, at La Ribagorza county on the streets of Benasque and Cerler, RTVE has dropped the trailer for its much-anticipated new thriller La caza. Monteperdido.

It is a brand new scripted show by RTVE and DLO producciones which adapts the international best-selling novel by Agustín Martínez, Monteperdido.

Directed by Salvador García Ruiz and Álvaro Ron, the series was shot in 7K, resulting in La caza. Monteperdido standing out from other shows due to its aesthetic and technical quality.

The translation rights have been sold to Germany, France, Holland and UK, with the book pending to be published in China, Serbia, Portugal, Greece, Taiwan, Italy and Denmark.

Alain Hernández and Francis Lorenzo lead the cast, which includes Pablo Derqui, Bea Segura, Carla Díaz, Jorge Bosch, Mar Sodupe, Ester Expósito, Laura Moray, Chechu Salgado, Patxi Freytez, David Solans and Juan Díaz, with special appearances by Beatriz Carvajal y Jordi Sánchez.

The story starts five years ago, when two 11-year-old girls, Ana and Lucía, disappeared in Monteperdido, a village in the Pyrenees. After an extensive search, the case remains unsolved and the neighbors are left scathed by the tragedy. Now, Ana’s back. 

Two UCO agents specialized in disappearances -Santiago Baín, a lieutenant in the autumn of his career, and Sara Campos, a young sergeant- will work alongside an officer from the local Civil Guard in an investigation that will soon prove to be a labyrinth.

There is virtually nothing Ana can say about her captor, who concealed his identity from her at all times. The authorities will make every effort to solve the case and find Lucía, but the inhabitants of Monteperdido, even the families of the girls trapped in their secrets and lies, will not make it easy for the detectives. 

One thing is clear: the monster is among them and the officers will go on a hunt that will put their own lives in danger.

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