@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

The First Look at Sandro Bioseries

The first trailer for Sandro de América, the Telefe and The Magic Eye co-production about the life of the iconic Argentine singer, has just been unveiled. Directed by Adrián Caetano, the series' premiere date is still TBD.

With a first 13-episode season, Sandro de América is inching closer and closer to its debut date. 
Variety has just unveiled the very first preview for the co-production about the life of the iconic Argentine singer, Roberto Sánchez.
Produced by Telefe and Telefilms, company owner of The Magic Eye, the miniseries has already been sold to Canal 13 in Chile and Caracol in Colombia.
Directed by Adrián Caetano (Pizza, birra, faso, Crónica de una fuga, El marginal), Sandro de América will tell the story of the Argentine Singer, better known as Sandro, who was considered to be the Elvis Presley of Latin America.
The cast features Agustín Sullivan, Marco Antonio Caponi, Antonio Grimau, La China Suárez, Justina Bustos, Isabel Macedo, Lali Espósito and Calu Rivero, among many others.
The 13 episodes will also showcase popular songs by the iconic singer, with at least three or four songs in each one.
The miniseries will showcase never-before-seen details about the artist's life. The story talks about how his charisma and musical talent helped him beat the odds and overcome poverty, and end up becoming one of the most important musicians in Latin America.

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