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The Football Show, Football Stars Get Personal 

Russ Lindsay, founder of Infinity Creative Media; former Argentine football player Hernán Crespo; and Christian Martin, one of its producers, spoke to ttvnews about the new documentary series The Football Show, which shows the “behind the scenes” of football stars’ lives.

Seeking to show the other side of major players, former players and coaches from the international world of football, English producer Infinity Creative Media partnered with Zig Zag Productions to develop the documentary series The Football Show.
It’s a 6, one-hour episode series in which 24 football stars will share their private lives, including names like Hernán Crespo, Ronalidinho, Edinson Cavani, Gennaro Gattuso, Rafa Benitez and Michael Owen, among others.
"To date we have made three shows: a classic car series, a wine show series and an art show series. And we make them, principally, by funding the shows ourselves. We make them to our specification and quality, and then we sell them around the world," Russ Lindsay, founder of Infinity Creative Media, said to ttvnews.
"So now we decided to breach that level and making something in the football world. This is our 4th series and we are very excited; it’s an amazing show for global broadcast,” he added.
To increase its chances for distribution, Infinity closed an alliance with Dick Clark Productions, which handles the series’ global sales.
"The Football Show is fairly unique, I don't remember a show like this. The aspiration for the show was to get 24 of the biggest players in the world to show us behind the scenes of their lives. We pulled it off, we have been very lucky,” he said.
Christian Martin, journalist and associate producer of the series, agreed: “The idea is to show the world the other side of football players’ and former players’ lives, something that’s never been done with the access we had. How they lead their lives, what they do. By getting cameras inside their lives and hobbies of these elite players, we get people inside it as well,” he said.
"We have 24 players from different countries, with their stories, hobbies, passions and families,” he added.
Both Martin and Lindsay agreed that, while we are in the year of the FIFA World Cup, the show has a lot more life beyond the tournament and football fans.
"There’s always been a desire to know how a famous person lives and in the year of the World Cup there’s double interest, but in this case you don’t see football, you don’t see goals. The show sparks interest in football fans and those who aren’t," Martin said.
"This is a show that can work well before the World Cup, during the World Cup or after it. It’s really not relevant that this year is the FIFA World Cup,” Lindsay said.
They both agreed it’s a series that can have several seasons.
"It was the first experience and something like this had never been done. Like everything new, it’s hard to start. We were able to bring a lot of players and now that it’s done, it’s easier to engage people. It’s natural that if this goes well, it continues and there’s a new series," Martin revealed.
The Football Show From the Stars’ Perspective
Hernán Crespo, former Argentine football player, was one of the 24 stars chosen for this first season and, as such, he offered his own experience with the show.
"It’s a different show because the idea was different, which is to basically open the doors to your house. I’m from the last generation before social media, so I’m very private about my personal life. But the product is done with great care and it allows you to share your passions, your family, what your life is about beyond football,” he said.
"You can see the former player who finished his career and now has hobbies, passions, likes, a family. I showed by personal museum, my family, the things that make up my life. It was nice to do it," he said.
Thus, he said, the show steps away from football and goals, and shows stars’ "normal" life.
"What you see in The Football Show is a lot of what we go through every day, learning about each of our experiences. Seeing Pupi Zanetti in his restaurant, Pablo Zabaleta cooking dinner. It shows that behind every player, we try to live our fame in the most normal way possible," he concluded.

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