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The Legend to Premiere in Colombia

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, spoke to ttvnews about its original format’s alliance in Colombia, which will become the first international country to bet on The Legend.

Turkish distributor Global Agency is preparing to end a year of consolidation in the international market, when it not only managed to continue expanding its drama catalog, but also bet strongly on formats, finding a new passport to travel around the world.
Through dramas like Mother and new titles like Gulperi and the dating format Find My Body, the distributor looks for new alliances to create major franchises for the international market, especially in Latin America. 
And its format, The Legend, scored its first international alliance in Colombia, as revealed to ttvnews by Global Agency CEO, Izzet Pinto. The Colombian version will become the format’s first international adaptation, after its first potential premiere in Brazil through Band didn’t pan out.
What are Global Agency’s newest titles?
I believe we have a very strong lineup. We have a total of 13 new projects, 7 of them are formats and 6 of them are drama series, which some launched in the Summer and some just a few weeks ago. 
Our biggest title is Gulperi, from TIMS&B Productions, who are behind the top-rated dramas in Turkey. And on the formats side, one of the strongest titles is Find My Body. They are having big interest from around the world.
Find My Body was in fact one of the formats highlighted by The Wit at this year’s Mipcom...
Find My Body and Dream Houses were two projects from Global Agency to be selected by The Wit’s Fresh TV conference at Mipcom. Fresh TV is very selective, so I’m happy that two of our shows made it to the top 25 projects and both of them are getting interest from around the world. Find My Body will be produced in Vietnam shortly. We will have it as the first edition.
And Gulperi is another big success for Global Agency. What can you tell us about this drama?
Gulperi launched five weeks ago in Turkey on Show TV and every week ratings have increase 20% to 25%. The last episode raised it by 26%. I think it will be reaching the number one spot in Turkey shortly. International sales have already started, we closed a deal in Georgia prior to Mipcom and I think we will be closing many deals soon. The leading actress is known for her role in Broken Pieces and Love and Punishment, which have done incredibly well around the world. So it’s a big advantage to have a leading actress from such high-rated series.
Another very successful drama for the company is Mother, especially in LatAm. What are your expectations for the series?
We are extremely happy with the success of Mother and we are closing more deals. In Latin America there have been only a few countries that we haven’t explored yet, and I think we will be selling it in those countries as well. We have sold it all over Central and Eastern Europe, the CIS region, and I think we will be selling more into Asia. So Mother was one of the best selling titles for us in 2017 and 2018.
Is Latin America one of the main territories in Global Agency’s distribution strategy?
Yes. We are closing deals in Ecuador, Peru and Panama, and a couple more are on the way. I believe that by the end of the year, we will have covered all of Latin America.
Speaking of formats, the company now has a very international catalog. What’s the strategy behind it?
Regarding formats, I’m happy that the catalog has become very international. We have products from France, Portugal, Spain, Germany and all over the world. I think we represent projects from at least 15 countries, Romania, Israel, UK and US. 
And we try to stay in this context. We want to represent more projects from more countries, and become a real global player in that field as well. Selling formats is not easy, there’s a lot of competition. But we’ve done a good job and 2018 has been the best year for formats. It’s growing a lot. I expect good growth towards 2019.
In this sense, one of the year’s surprises was The Legend, which found its first local adaptation in Colombia. 
We found the right partner for The Legend in Colombia. We’re keeping the producer’s name confidential, but he is behind all the big shows in Colombia. We are working very closely with the bible. It’s the first international edition. We are hoping it will be a big success and becomes a big franchise, first in Latin America, and then around the world. I think it can be the next big hit, I strongly believe in that.  

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