Carolina Mussio - 29/05/2015

This Week in the News

The CEO of The WIT explains how Latin American content can travel the world; we decipher the Turkish TV offer in Chile; Mondo TV enjoys the success of its teen series; Eccho Rights predicts Latin America-Turkish co-productions; and more. 

This Week's Top Stories:
What should Latin America do to be more relevant in the international fiction landscape? Virginia Mouseler, CEO of The WIT, details the steps Latin America must take to become a heavyweight contender in the international content production arena. Mouseler will host the inaugural Miptv LatAm Screenings on Monday, April 3. 
Two months ago, Mega aired four Turkish telenovelas and Canal 13 only two. Now the tables have turned. Which Turkish titles are currently on air on Chilean TV and on which networks?
Weeks before Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa made its debut on Nickelodeon Latin America, Mondo TV decided to develop an additional two seasons. María Bonaria Fois, general manager of Mondo TV Iberoamérica, spoke to ttv about the show's notable success. The 2 new seasons will feature 60, 45-minute episodes each.
In addition to broadcasting the matches on premium pay TV networks, FOX and Turner announced their plan to offer Argentine soccer through a streaming platform, available independently from pay TV services. The OTT service would cost a reported US$ 40 mark.
Are Turkish and Latin American co-productions an inevitable future trend? Laura Miñarro from Eccho Rights explains why alliances between the two regions would be the next "natural" step. Miñarro joined Eccho Rights as director of Co-Production and Scripted Content. 

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