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Turkeys latest hits to land in Natpe courtesy of Madd Entertainment

The new company arising from the alliance between Ay Yapim and Medyapim comes to Natpe Miami for the first time boasting a portfolio featuring fresh content, with several shows with their first season in progress.

A few months have gone by since Madd Entertainment shook up the global market when its launch was announced in September 2018, a few weeks before the company’s first public appearence, which took place in October during Mipcom.
In Miami, after having attended MipCancun and ATF, the distributor made up of Turkish producers Ay Yapim and Medyapim intends to move past introductions and go straight into business.
“Soon after Mipcom, we closed two deals with Greek companies (both pertaining to My Little Girl): one with Victory for the DVD rights of the show, and another with Skai TV, to whom we sold the broadcasting rights”, said Özlem Özsümbul, International Sales Director of Madd Entertainment. “Another huge deal we closed was our first with a Latin American broadcaster, Mega, from Chile.”
Özlem Özsümbul, International Sales Director of Madd Entertainment
In addition to My Little Girl, only a few weeks later Mega also acquired Crash, during MipCancun.
“Juan Ignacio Vicente (Mega’s Content and Global Sales Manager), Mega and Chile are setting the trend for Turkish content in Latin America,” said Ateş İnce, Managing Director of Madd Entertainment. “They are experts in the Turkish drama industry and their perceptions and decisions highly influence other broadcasters in the region.”
“Working with them represents a great opportunity and lays the foundations for our future success,” he added.
In Through the Main Door
Well-renowned production firms Ay Yapim and Medyapim are greatly responsible for the recent Turkish drama worldwide boom, so much so that their quick success after entering the international market as Madd Entertainment come as no surprise.
“Breaking into the market with a new company was a great experience,” İnce said. “It was thrilling to start something from scratch, taking care of every detail. Achieving the right level of preparation for joining the market and facing our competition was challenging, but we are very pleased with the feedback we got from colleagues, friends and broadcasters.”
The fact that prospective clients are acquainted with the quality of Ay Yapim and Medyapim’s products contribute to generate interest in their new endeavor, whose portfolio will feature all of their new productions, already including some of Turkey’s ongoing season primetime hits.
Ateş İnce, Managing Director of Madd Entertainment
Among them is One Litre of Tears (Bir Litre Gözyaşı). Currently on the air, the first season of Medyapim’s drama is expected to run for 39 episodes. Based on a true story, this Turkish drama tells the story of Cihan (Wounded Love’s Miray Daner), a young woman diagnosed with an incurable disease. Despite its bleak premise, the series adopts a hopeful outlook, focusing on the power of love and family.
Treading a more orthodox path, My Little Girl (Kizim) sees an 8-year-old girl  (Beren Gökyıldız, of Mother fame) who sets out in search of her father, played by Buğra Gülsoy (Fatmagul). Medyapim’s drama is still on the air, and its first season is set to consist of 100 episodes. Peruvian channel Latina followed on Mega’s footsteps and acquired My Little Girl last November.
Ay Yapim’s still in production Crash (Çarpışma) caters different sensibilities. It tells the story of Kadir, a man whose family perishes in a terrorist bombing, plunging him into depression. His suicide attempt causes an accident involving three others whose lives will become permanently interwoven.
Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Elçin Sangu, Onur Saylak and Alperen Duymaz, among others, make up the cast.
Madd’s portfolio also features Phi, mini-series based on the hit book trilogy of the same name which reached a historic level of success for a Turkish digital series, and Persona, a 12-episode crime mini-series produced by Ay Yapim which is among IMDB’s top 30 TV series.
Phi and Persona are unlike other more traditional Turkish dramas,” Özsümbul added. “They have more original, globally-oriented structures and plots, and they aim at different target audiences. These titles present new opportunities for reaching a new generation of viewers and implementing new broadcasting models in the near future.” 
Their portfolio for Natpe Miami is rounded up with the drama Burning Obsession, a 168-episode Medyapim’s production, as well as The 8th Day and Wings of Heart.
“These hit drama series bring great range to our catalogue,” added Özsümbul. “More content is coming, but for the time being our focus is on these outstanding shows.”

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