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VIMN Wants to Turn Miami into the Latin American Hollywood

With their brand-new office in downtown Miami, the group is getting ready to start from scratch, anticipating a slew of new content and original productions at the LatAm-oriented hub based in the US.

*Produced by Martín Rodríguez, from Miami, EEUU

After almost 26 years based in Miami Beach, Viacom International Media Networks Americas has moved its headquarters to downtown Miami, a move destined to offer the company “a new beginning.”

“We felt it was time for a change, to start from scratch all over again,” said Pierluigi Gazzolo, president of VIMN Americas, to ttvnews during the opening ceremony held on February 20.

According to the exec, Viacom is entering “a new era,” landmarked by a surge in its activity as a studio and the growth of its digital products, and, more recently, the regionalization toward Argentina through the acquisition of Telefe.

Alyce Robertson, Francis Suarez, Pierluigi Gazzolo and Juan "JC" Acosta during the opening ceremony at downtown Miami.

“We wanted a change, new offices, reinvigorated staff, and to jump into the open-plan office bandwagon, which is all the rage right now,” said Gazzolo, alluding to the groundbreaking design of the office building, of 25,000 square feet in size, set to act as the base of operations for the entire portfolio of entertainment brands owned by the company.

The Latin American Hollywood

Why Downtown Miami? “Because we are close to the studio, because we are in a location that has started to be developed and we want to be part of that development, because the transport connections are great and because we feel we will attract other media and production companies,” answered VIMN’s president.

That eagerness to draw other companies to the area is what the exec anticipates will turn the region into a Latin American Hollywood. 

VIMN’s new offices in downtown Miami

“Miami is LatAm’s hub, and the fact that it wasn’t so for TV production is absurd. We need the city to open the windows of opportunity to become the Hollywood-like spot it deserves to be,” the exec added.

“Every player has some kind of presence here, bigger or smaller, with direct access to all of Latin America. That is why we need to see Miami turn into a hub for the entire region,” he added.

In this respect, the exec revealed that some companies have already approached VIMN in order to produce “multinational stories” in Miami. “This is one of the few places where you can have a show or a narrative featuring characters from all corners of the world. It lends itself to cultural fusion,” he asserted.

The regional evolution and the new office space lend themselves to foster the growth of the company, “a new space to create content for the future,” said to ttvnews Juan Acosta, EVP and COO at VIMN Americas. 

“The proximity of our studios and headquarters will cause a better synergy between the two. We’ll carry on producing here in Miami expecting to, at some point, see the passing of incentives that bring further volume to the region,” he added.

“We have created a production, distribution and development hub here in Miami not only for our team based in Miami but also in Latin America,” concluded the exec.

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