@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

Whats New in LatAm This Week?

Movistar+ presents Félix at CanneSeries, Miptv reveales the trending topics of the event, The Mechanism is among the most demanded shows in Peru, Biopics continue to make the news in 2018, Televisa bets on visual narratives, and more. 

This Week in the News:


Present in the Canneseries festival, where Movistar+'s original series Félix was chosen for its official competition, its writer and director, Cesc Gay, and its star, Leonardo Sbaraglia, shared details and the behind the scenes of the Spanish production with ttvnews. Félix is the sixth original series by Movistar+ in Spain, premiered on April 6.


What were the main trending topics of Miptv 2018? As the market came to a close, a panel of experts got together to discuss some of the main trends during the week. Up next, we present a brief summary. Content for young audiences, female showrunners and Asian co-productions, were topics of main interest. 


The Mechanism is among the most demanded shows in Peru. According to Parrot Analytics, during April, titles like Money Heist and The Mechanism stood out among the most demanded digital originals in the Latin American country. The Walking Dead leads the overall ranking. Money Heist ranked second with 1,030,268 ADE, while The Mechanism ranked fourth.


Biopics continue to make the news in 2018. In recent years, biopics based on popular Hispanic idols have established themselves as a key genre at a pan-regional level, and in 2018 they continue growing strong. ttvnews offers a preview of what's coming. According to consulting firm The Wit, 22% of all new biopics come from Latin America.


Televisa is betting on the importance of visual narratives for new series Y mañana será otro día, which will debut on Mexican network Las Estrellas on April 16. Director of photography Miguel Del Valle, and art director Jerry Funes, gave ttvnews all the details on the production.

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