@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

Whats New in LatAm This Week?

HBO LatAm announced first original fiction, Record TV to premiere a new biblical series, Atresmedia to develop Amazon’s first Spanish series, Money Heist’s potential US adaptation and Mediapro’s Lifeline lands in Mexico.

HBO LatAm announces its first original fiction in Colombia. Titled Mil colmillos, HBO Latin America’s new production will be developed with Rhayuela Films and be directed by Colombian director, Jaime Osorio.
Record TV readies new biblical miniseries debut: Lia. The Brazilian giant’s new biblical title, created by Paula Richard and starring Bruna Pazinato, will make its debut on Tuesday, June 26 at 8:45pm.
Atresmedia to develop Amazon’s first Spanish series. Titled Pequeñas coincidencias, the new comedy is produced by Atresmedia Studios, MedioLimón and Onza Entertainment for Amazon Prime Video, which will air the show prior to its broadcast TV debut on Atresmedia Television. 
Money Heist could be adapted in the US. According Erik Barmack, Director of Global Content at Netflix, given its international success, the hit Spanish series could be looking at an American adaptation to captivate English-speaking audiences. 
Mediapro‘s Lifeline lands in Mexico with TV Azteca. The deal with the Mexican giant joins a long list of sales to leading networks and platforms in Europe, LatAm and the Middle East, announced by Imagina International Sales ahead of Conecta Fiction.

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