@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

Whats New in LatAm This Week?

Digital players fight for LatAm, TV Azteca celebrates 25 years, Parrot Analytics can predict the success of shows, Alex Marin takes on SPT leadership for LatAm, Atresmedia to shoot new series in Spain and Colombia, and more. 


Top digital players compete over LatAm. OTT giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium and Apple are making headway in the market as Disney gears up for the roll out of its OTT platform in the region sometime in 2019. On their battle to take over the global market, Latin America stands out as one of the most valuable territories.


TV Azteca celebrates 25 years looking at the future. On August 2nd, the Mexican network celebrated its first 25 years amidst a "reinvention" that started back in 2015 with the arrival of Benjamín Salinas. "In the hands of Benjamín, and with the commitment of the entire team, this company will go even further," said Ricardo Salinas, founder of the channel.


Parrot Analytics can use AI and big data to predict success. In addition to measuring the demand for shows worldwide, Parrot Analytics can predict the shows’ results and maximize their success with the best development and promotion strategies. “We see who directs it, what the story is, the type of music it uses, the set, the feel. And all that is measured in terms of data and compared based on the affinity they get with viewers, not just in one market, but globally,” explained Alejandro Rojas, director of the company for LatAm.


Alex Marin takes on SPT leadership for Latin America. Keith Le Goy, who since Mike Hopkins' arrival at Sony Pictures Television unified the Worldwide Distribution, Home Entertainment and Global Networks operations under his leadership, announced Alex Marin will replace TC Schultz in LatAm. Marin will supervise Distribution, Networks and Home Entertainment in LatAm and Canada as part of the consolidation of the company's international business units.


Atresmedia to shoot new series in Spain and Colombia. Produced in collaboration with Bang Bang Media, Perdida is one of the first thrillers from Atresmedia with scripts that adjust to the new 50-minute episode format established by the Spanish group. The new show takes place between the disappearance of a young girl at the beach and the arrest of her father as he tries to smuggle cocaine on a flight.

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