@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

Whats New in LatAm this Week?

Record TV begins shooting Jesus, Netflix reaches its ceiling for growth, Directv LatAm wants premium content, Telemundo to shoot second premium drama, Amazon orders Spanish docuseries, and more.


Record TV starts filming Jesus in Morocco. Production for the anticipated Brazilian giant’s biblical telenovela will last 17 days in the Atlas Studios movie complex, with its premiere scheduled for July after the FIFA World Cup. At the Atlas Studios, one of the main film studios in the world, is where part of the scenes are being filmed.


Has Netflix peaked?
 "We are entering a post-OTT era," explained Tony Gunnarsson, analyst at Ovum, who claims Netflix has already grown as much as it could grow. He anticipates that, during the first half of 2020, Netflix will begin to lose subscribers as these bundles like Sling TV or Directv Now become more and more common and gain even more ground.


Premium series are the future of Directv LatAm. In collaboration with Spanish group Mediapro, the company is exploring the darker side of professional football with Side Games. Talking to ttvnews, Willard Tressel, General Manager for OnDIRECTV spoke about his hopes for the series, which is poised to captivate the market. "We're always talking about different opportunities and we're more than just a platform. We are a content company," said the executive.


Telemundo Int‘l Studios goes for second premium drama. Willing to keep "a slice of the cake" in a world of new trends, Telemundo International Studios will begin producing its second series after The Inmate. During Conecta Fiction 2, Ana Paula Valdovinos explained the strategy to ttvnews. "We are open to creating much more ambitious and interesting productions internationally. We're even open to co-produce with Europe, and in languages other than Spanish", assured the VP of Production and Development at TIS.


Amazon grows in Spain with new original docuseries. Amazon Prime Video announced an alliance with renowned chef Ferran Adrià to air the docuseries elBulli: historia de un sueño, internationally. According to the company, the series will premiere on July 2 in more than 200 countries and territories, and feature three new episodes, which will join the 12 that originally aired on TVE, and will show the final moments of El Bulli and the new projects Adrià is developing with the elBulli foundation.

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