Rodrigo Ros - 29/05/2015

Buyers Have a Keen Eye for Movies, Foreign Dramas and New Formats

Up next we have the second roundup of the kinds of contents sought buy buyers at this edition of the LA Screenings. Dominican Republic’s Novazul, platform Qubit TV, Peru’s Tondero and Ecuador’s Oromar offer their outlook. 

By Sebastian Amoroso and Rodrigo Ros from Los Angeles, USA.

Qubit TV strengthens its relationship with production companies from the region, in addition to the regional launch of Qubit in Chile and Peru. In addition, the company is gearing up for the launch of iTV. The platform continues to strengthen its relationship with the major studios, amongst which is the most recent addition of 20th Century Fox. The region-wide expansion has also allowed it to create relationships with regional production companies, as is the case with Tondero Films, which has given it access to new independent movies. The main aim, in this sense, is to strengthen relationships in any new country where the platform is launched, adding new independent titles. In this way, the platform continues to search for new films, independent movies and miniseries.

Tondero, on its end, continues to search for movies for theatricals, in addition to acquisition of books, the sale of movies in different platforms, the production and co-production of projects for film and TV, in addition to upcoming news that will be announced shortly and have to do with the production of a telenovela.

Novazul Group, from the Dominican Republic, continues to be ton Turkish telenovelas, which have spearheaded a ratings growth, registering historic numbers for Telemicro. In addition, there is still the search for movies, one of the company’s main strengths, Latin and American series, and weekend competition show. On its end, Color Visión continues to be the network with the largest growth, introducing an important movie block on Sundays. Netflix’s arrival on the country has also been important, and has led the group to bet strongly on formats and live shows, as is the case of local culinary kids’ format for Color Visión.

To conclude, Ecuador’s Oromar continues its search for telenovelas and alternative productions, as is the case of Asian content, which has worked well for the company, and Turkish shows as well.

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