Gonzalo Larrea - 29/05/2015

Conecta Fiction Returns in 2018, Continues to Bet on Coproduction

The second edition of Conecta Fiction, an event that looks to bring Europe and America together, was presented this week in Madrid. Hosted on June 18-21 in Santiago de Compostela, the new edition will look to replicate the success of the first. 

After a successful inaugural edition, Conecta Ficton's organizers have officially launched in Madrid the event's second edition, which will take place on June 18-21 in Santiago de Compostela.

Same as last year, the main objective of the event will be to foster co-productions between Europe and America, with the attendance of some 500 top executives from both regions, conferences, panels, screenings and places for meetings and networking.

"In this second edition we will follow up on the four main activities we had last year and that worked very well," commented to ttvnews Geraldine Gonard, Director of Conecta Fiction.

"On the one hand we will have the meetings, which we will conduct on a space called La Caja de Ficción, which is also an online platform where every attendee can upload their schedule and look up other attendees," she explained.

"We will also have conferences and panels, although we will have less than last year, we will maintain the same quality standard," she continued.

In addition, the event will also have to pitching contest, an international one and a Spanish one. For the international, calls open this Thursday, February 15, and will be open until April 16. Later on, 10 projects will be selected and the winner will be awarded by Movistar.

The selected projects for the Spanish pitching session will be named by the SGAE Foundation.

"And of course we also have the screening of some shows from both continents," completed Gonard about the main features of the second edition.

As the main news, in turn, is the selection of two countries of honor: an American one and a European one. Last year, the chosen country was Argentina. "We're working on announcing them as soon as possible. Both countries will bring different points of view, but we're also looking at the issues that bring them both together and how to exploit that," she commented.

Ad for the size of the event, Gonard explained that the idea is to keep an attendance level similar to that of last year; this way, the event's spirit remains intact.

"Conecta continues with its philosophy of bringing both continents together and to speak both English and Spanish to deal with issues that can bring both regions together. We don’t want to grow too much; we think that the event has to be accessible and easy to control. If we grow too much, we will lose the chance for face to face meetings between everyone," she detailed.

Finally, she also announced the launch of Conecta Fest, which will happen alongside Conecta Fiction and will target final audiences.

"Starting on Wednesday, and all the way until Friday, we're organizing alongside Movistar a festival open to all audiences in Santiago and all attendees that are screening shows produced by Movistar. We will also have several activities like workshops and panels," mentioned Gonard.

The a Xunta de Galicia, ICEX, SGAE Foundation and Movistar are the main sponsors for this second edition, which is organized once again by Inside Content.

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