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Global Agency, a Global Brand in the Market

The Turkish distributor made a splash at Mipcom with the presentation of new formats and a catalogue with productions from all over the world that looks to go global. Founder and CEO Izzet Pinto told ttvnews all about the company’s strategy.

* From Cannes, France 

Global Agency has just concluded a very eventful Mipcom where it presented a large catalogue and some brand new game shows that generated major excitement; among them Beat the Wheel, which was among The Wit’s freshest formats.

In fact, the distributor landed in Cannes with 20 titles, twelve of them dramas, which hope to continue the highly successful trend of Turkish content around the world, and eight new formats with excellent track record. But looking closely at the catalogue, one thing is clear: Global Agency is truly aiming to go global.

“The strategy for 2017 was to be a totally global international company, therefore we decided to bring content from all over the world,” explained Izzet Pinto Founder & CEO of Global Agency to ttvnews during Mipcom. “And this includes dramas from Spain, England, USA, Portugal, Russia,” he added.

Prior to its arrival at the market, the company had acquired the international distributing right to RTVE’s Queens after an exclusive deal with José Luis Moreno, creator and producer of the show; and closed a deal with SIC in Portugal for a package of five telenovelas to be distributed in the CIS and CEE regions, amongst other endeavors.

Turkish Dramas Stay Strong

In addition to international formats and shows, the company also presented some Turkish dramas like Firefly, a story about finding the one; Heartbeat, a medical drama the aims to show that good people will ultimately win; and Black Pearl, a story of love and deceit.

“Turkish dramas have been stable this year and I hope this continues in the future,” mentioned Pinto. “It’s been over nine years since the Turkish boom started and we’re reaching a point in which over 80 to 90 countries are now buying Turkish dramas.”

Pinto also pointed out, that he believes that as long as the industry continues to come up with amazing dramas, the exports will remain stable.

Formats Also Go Global

Dramas aside, the main focus for Mipcom appear to have been the format, and in this sense, Global Agency landed with several highlights. “We have great formats from France, Israel, Spain and even from the CEE Region,” explained Pinto. “That makes us a truly global brand in the market.”

According to the executive, there is a “good appetite” for talent shows and game shows alike, and to meet the demand, the company presented some big formats like Open Call, Beat the Wheel, The Wedding Experience, Cash or Splash and In and Out, which had some major representation at the market floor as attendees were given the chance to play and win €10,000.

“I believe a lot in this shows, and they have all been produced with a good track record, so I have good hopes moving into the future,” mentioned pinto, who also highlighted the value of sourcing the best offer from all over the world.

And with that in mind, one of the biggest news from the company is perhaps their partnership with France’s La Fabrique des Formats with the aim of finding the very best and innovative French shows, which Global Agency will then take to the international market.

“There is a desire in France to invest in local content, especially in formats; and now they’re doing a competition to find the best projects to turn into pilots and export worldwide,” explained the executive. “For this, they chose us as exclusive distributors and I couldn’t be prouder of this exclusive partnership.”

A Nudge to Digital

Looking at the industry’s current landscape, the executive is keen to delve into the digital business. In his opinion, combining traditional with digital helps not only increase the reach of content, but also increase the size of the industry itself, something he sees as a clear advantage.

“I think the big growth of digital is not actually hurting TV, because the TV business has been quite stable in the world. Even when there are loses, that’s just 1% or 2%, so I think that it actually has been an advantage to have digital players in the market, “ he concluded.

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