Gonzalo Larrea - 29/05/2015

Keshets Plans for US Hispanic Take Shape

Kelly Wright, VP of Distribution and New Business at Keshet International, gives ttvnews all the details on Prisoner Number One, the series the Israeli company is preparing alongside Telemundo and its first project for the US Hispanic market. 

Having Latin America and US Hispanic as a priority for quite some time, Keshet International's plans in the region begin to take shape with their first project alongside Telemundo already confirmed.

We’re talking about Prisoner Number One, which was officially announced during Telemundo’s upfronts two weeks ago and presented at the LA Screenings by Keshet.

Prisoner Number One will be the first series co-developed and co-produced by the Israeli company for the US Hispanic market, following the deal announced by Keshet International and Telemundo back in 2016.

Prisoner Number One is an original co-development between Telemundo and Keshet. It started about a year and a half ago based on an Israeli idea, from the creators of Wisdom of the Crowd (Shira Hadad and Dror Mishani), a series here in the US on CBS,” said to ttvnews Kelly Wright, VP of Distribution and New Business at Keshet International.

“Those creators had this idea about what would happen if a president was finally sent to prison for corruption,” said the executive on the plot.

Thus, they focused on a fictitious Mexican president with a television background. “And maybe he is innocent or maybe he is guilty, so you are not really sure the whole time whether he is guilty of doing this, you don’t know if you should believe that he is as twisted or as evil as he looks or if it’s all been manipulated by the media,” she added.

The series stars Erik Hayser and will be co-produced with Telemundo Global Studios.

“Its a political thriller, the story is very intense, it has an amazing script and we are looking forward to launching it,” highlighted Wright. The premiere is scheduled for the upcoming season, but no official date has been announced.

Prisoner Number One will be the first of a long list of projects prepared by Keshet International for Latin America and the US Hispanic market, which include a Mexican series co-produced with TV Azteca, a political thriller in Argentina with Naím Media Group, a biblical drama in Brazil and a teen series together with Campanario Entertainment.

In addition, the company is also working on the co-development of a series in Spain with Sr. Mono.

International News

Outside of the Hispanic market, Keshet International made the news a few weeks ago with the purchase of British production incubator Greenbird Media, which comes with the addition of a lot of new titles to the company’s already extensive catalog.

“This is driving a huge amount of content from the UK into our catalogue, like factual content and documentary reality,” said Wright, who also highlighted format Super Star Dogs. “It’s a kind of Ninja Warrior, but for dogs, so its really cute, really family friendly, we are very confident that this will take off in Latin America.”

Wright also highlighted the launch of the KI Drama Fund in March, which will allow the company to invest 55 million dollars in projects, especially scripted projects both in Spanish and English. 

“We are now very actively seeking premium projects in the scripted field in English and in Spanish tat have a commissioner attached to already but are looking for finance opportunities. Our goal is to curate the highest quality scripted content and to be distributed as far around the world to as many different buyers we can find,” she concluded.

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