Rodrigo Ros - 29/05/2015

Korean Content Had its Moment to Shine at the LA Screenings

This Wednesday, May 17, KOCCA held its traditional screening showcasing drama and non-scripted content with the latest from companies like KBS, MBC, SBS, CJ, E&M and JTBC. 

*By Sebastián Amoroso and Rodrigo Ros, from Los Angeles, USA.

This Wednesday was all about Korean content at the LA Screenings. The event held at the InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles hosted the traditional K Drama Screening, where viewers were presented with the latest from important companies.

The event, organized by KOCCA, took place during the morning and in the afternoon, in an effort to showcase everything Korea has to offer, from dramas to non-scripted content.

Thus, the latest from companies like KBS, MBC, SBS, CJ E&M and JTBC was presented to viewers, including action series, comedy series, as well as entertainment formats.

“Korean dramas and entertainment formats are having an impact in Latin America and at this screening the companies are introducing titles that will surely find a home in Latin American Screens,” mentioned Ellie Hong, manager at KOCCA USA, to ttvnews.

News From Distribution Companies

As for independent distribution companies, the highlight goes to the launch of new company EO Distribution, by Ezequiel Olzanski, which is representing no less than Gaumont in Latin America, with titles such as Narcos and The Art of Crime, which were recently sold to Netflix for worldwide broadcast.

“To represent titles from a production company of that size is a matter of great pride for this project of ours that is just beginning,” highlighted Olzanski.

On his end, César Díaz from 7A Media, is presenting at the LA Screenings titles like Joyas del Mundo Natural (CW), as well as titles from Portuguese network SIC, which according to Díaz is “developing a strategic plan to position its content on the international market” with telenovelas like Más que amor and titles from the Philippine’s ABS-CBN like Wild Flower and Doble Cara.

Meanwhile, Patricia Jasin, from FLY Content, highlighted the versatility with which the production and distribution company is moving, with highlighted titles such as the Chilean production Ramona, an award-winning show in many international festivals like Biarritz and last year’s MipTv 2016.

“I’m also representing and consulting for several Latin American mid-size broadcast TV networks which are looking to acquire,” added Jasin.

On another note, César Martínez, who recently came on-board Keshet International to handle the development of business in Mexico and Latin America, highlighted the company’s plans in terms of co-developments in the region, as well as the success of Master Class, the format that is being broadcasted by Uruguay’s Teledoce and that “has the potential to reach other screens in the region,” he mentioned.

One of the most important announcements of the day was that of the partnership between Nickelodeon Latin America and Telefe for the co-production of a new musical show alongside Glee’s executive producer Adam Anders and 360 Powwow. The show, which will start shooting on Telefe’s studios in Buenos Aires, will come to screens under the title Kelly's MashUp (60 x 60').

“To collaborate in this project with the musical genius Adam Anders and 360 Powwow is a true pleasure for Nickelodeon Latin America,” commented Tatiana Rodríguez, SVP Brand Head, Kids & Family Group at Nickelodeon, during the announcement in Los Angeles.

The Independent LA Screenings 2017 are currently being attended by more than 80 independent distribution companies and, according to Isabella Márquez, President at TM Events, which organizes the event, there are more than 1000 attendees between delegates from distributors and broadcasters, pay-tv networks and digital platforms from Latin America.

Buyers and their News

As for buyers, there are plenty of news when looking at performances in terms of programming, debuts and content searches on the international market.

Qubit TV is strengthening its alliance with regional production companies, in addition to the launch of Qubit in Chile and Peru in the region. The platform is also continuing to strengthen its deals with the majors, amongst which we can highlight the recent addition of 20th Century FOX.

Expanding in the region has also allowed the company to generate new deals with regional production companies, such as Tondero Films, which has provided access to new independent movies. In this sense, the main objective is to strengthen the relationship in any new country where the platform is launched, adding more and more independent titles.

Tondero is also continuing the search for movies for theatricals, along with the acquisition of books, the sale of their movies in different platforms and the production and co-production of movies and TV shows, in addition to an upcoming news that is soon to be announced regarding the production of a telenovela. 

Group Novazul from the Dominican Republic, is continuing to be ton Turkish dramas, which have led the charge in ratings, registering historic numbers for Telemicro. They’re also searching for movies, one of their programming strengths, Latin and US shows, and a weekend game show.

On its end, Color Visión continues to be the group’s network with the most growth, presenting an important programming block of movies each Sunday. Netflix’s presence has also been very important in the Dominican Republic, which was led the group to invest even more on formats and live shows, as is the case of local kids’ cooking format by Color Visión.

To conclude, Ecuador’s Oromar continues to look for telenovelas and alternative productions like content stemming from Asia, which has worked well for the company, and productions from Turkey. 

Thursday’s Agenda

What’s next on the agenda? Thursday’s agenda will see 20th Century FOX inaugurating the schedule of screenings by the major studios with its traditional Latin Day, which will be held in the morning and afternoon at FOX Studios, where the company will present to the Hispanic-American market its latest productions for the 2017-2018 season.

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