Rodrigo Ros - 29/05/2015

20th Century Fox Opened the Week for the Majors

This Thursday, 20th Century FOX Television Distribution held its Latin Day screening at FOX Studios, highlighting series like Ghosted, L.A. to Vegas, The Gifted and The Resident among many others. 

*By Sebastián Amoroso and Rodrigo Ros, from Los Angeles, USA.

This Thursday, 20th Century FOX Television Distribution gave way to a week dominated by all the major studios with its Latin Day screening at FOX Studios, in which 180 Hispanic buyers were present.

Elie Wahba, SVP for Latin America and The Caribbean at Century FOX Television Distribution, told ttvnews: “We’re introducing series that are very attractive for the international market with titles like Ghosted, Snowfall, The Orville, The Resident, The Gifted and L.A to Vegas.”

News From Independent Companies

Independent companies also had their fair share of news. Some of that news includes the launch of series Mr. Mercedes, by Sonar Entertainment. Based on the book of the same name by Stephen King, the show has 10 episodes.

“The series has been well received by the market. We’re very satisfied with the results from the screening. Mr. Mercedes is a series with a fantastic cast, a Hollywood-like production and a captivating story, in addition to the major appeal of being based on the best seller by Stephen King. That alone makes it a Premium production,” mentioned Andres Santos from Sonar Entertainment.

On its end, Cisneros Media Distribution continues to expand its pay-tv network portfolio in the US and Canada, with new launches and programming news. In addition, the company continues to explore the advantages of its partnership with Getty Images, through which it built the business unit MobiusLab.

“With MobiusLab we’re creating short-length original content tailored to the needs of all clients in the region, from the US to Latin America; and they’re also expanding its content offering in territories like Europe, Asia and Africa,” mentioned Marcello Coltro, EVP at Cisneros Media Distribution.

“We’re very proud with the representation deal we have with Comarex over our telenovelas, all thanks to the experience of the sales team led by Marcel Vinay,” added the executive in regards to the distribution of fiction content from Cisneros Media.

The company Ledafilms, in turn, is introducing at this LA Screenings a line-up that includes great titles like Colossal. “It’s a monster movie starring Anne Hathaway with a high-quality production. It’s a great cinematographic event,” stated Moira McNamara from Ledafilms.

The company is also presenting some other titles like animated features Una cigüeña en apuros and The Litte Vampire, among others. 

As for Turkish companies, Inter Medya, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, is presenting drama series Hayat, while also exploring the commercialization of entertainment formats.

“Latin America stands for a very high percentage of our drama sales here at Inter Medya. The truth is that Turkish dramas are here to stay,” highlighted Beatriz Cea Esteruelas from Inter Medya.

“The launch of a series of entertainment formats is the result of a demand from broadcasters in the region over these kinds of shows and Inter Medya has several good examples of formats to offer,” added Sibel Levendoglu.

As for local original productions, Nickelodeon continues to bet on original productions like teen dramas Kally’s Mashup and Vicky RPM, which are coming soon to pay-tv screens from Viacom International Media Networks – Americas.

“We’re very excited to produce at Telefe’s studios in Buenos Aires together with Powwow a story that stands out for the association with a talent such as Adam Andlers,” explained Tatiana Rodríguez from Nickelodeon. “At the same time, we’re on the shooting stages of Vicky RPM, a very fun story that’s like Romeo and Juliet with a backdrop set in the world of car racing,” added the executive, who has been producing regional original content for the network for ten years.

On its end, CDC United Network is prioritizing on its all rights movie portfolio high quality, independent movie titles for all platforms and windows in the region, including theatrical.

“One of the strongest titles we’re bringing to the market is the movie The Last Face, directed by Sean Penn and starring Charlize Theron, Javier Bardem and Jean Reno; a great story, a great director, and a world-class cast,” mentioned Jimmy van Der Heyden, from CDC United Network.

Lastly, dubbing company Centauro is developing content for several digital companies, alongside content for other international distribution companies.

News From Buyers

As for the news from Turner Latin America, a the LA Screenings are always an important opportunity to discover what’s next for the US content market, while it presents an opportunity for an open dialogue that helps shed some light on potential production and co-productions projects, a main focus point for the company.

Both Space and TNT aspire to have on their roster important projects of the same scale as Hasta que te conocí. Projects like El César – both from Disney Media Distribution Latin America – which has its premiere scheduled for this 2017 on Space.

Turner also claims that Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil continue to be places of interest for regional productions. For the company, the project determines the place of production.

On its end, Viki, a platform with worldwide reach, is searching for Turkish telenovelas, Japanese dramas and dramas from Korea and the Philippines that target female audiences.

The platform is also looking for Latin content, especially stemming from countries like Colombia, Venezuela, and other in the region. 
Furthermore, Azteca is announcing the co-production deal for Viacom’s format Are You the One, a format that has 16 episodes and for which Azteca is hoping to produce 60. The show will air in place of its successful reality La Isla.

The company has also mentioned it’s open to more coproduction deals like this, while also considering the importance of exploring new business models with content that surprises and that can make use of the specific production knowledge from Azteca’s potential partners.

Meanwhile, TV Azteca is also exploring different locations: season six of La Isla will shoot in Dominican Republic, while you’re Are you the One will be shot in Brazil.

In this sense, Azteca is looking at new reality shows, the kind that will allow it to continue broadcasting these kinds of shows throughout the year.

The Independent LA Screenings – which are scheduled to end this Friday, May 19 – boast an attendance record of more than 80 independent distribution companies and, as Isabella Márquez, president of TM, mentioned to ttvnews, there are 1000 attendees registered from distribution companies, broadcasters, pay-tv networks and digital platforms from Latin America.

What’s Next on the Agenda?

The agenda for Friday includes the screening from independent Hollywood production company Lionsgate in the morning – although the studios fights toe to toe with the majors -; and in the afternoon the screenings of Paramount Pictures and Viacom International Media Networks - Americas.

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