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Latinas New Content & Programing Manager Talks about the Challenges Ahead

In an interview with ttvnews, Luis Guillermo Camacho, Content & Programing Manager at Latina, speaks about his programming, acquisitions and content design strategies for the Peruvian network. 

*Produced by Fernando Moreno from Mexico City

Starting on July 1, Luis Guillermo Camacho will step into the role of Content & Programing Manager at Peruvian network Latina. In his role, he will also take over the responsibilities of Andrés Badra, who recently left his position as general manager after five years.

During ConvergenciaShow.Mx 2018, Camacho -who has had an extensive career in Latin American television TV Azteca in Mexico, Ecuavisa in Ecuador, América Televisión in Peru and Inravisión and RCN Televisión in Colombia) - spoke with ttvnews about his return to the Peruvian market and the challenges ahead.

What challenges lie ahead for Latina?

I am very happy that I have been asked to work for Latina in Peru alongside the networks new directors and owners, in order to refloat the channel. It's an incredible challenge to find new ways to produce, to develop content and entertainment programming in a country that's in desperate need of that.

What will be the general plan for this new era?

I am the new director of Content and Programming, and in Latina we have a very big mission, so we're focusing on four things: sports, fiction development, entertainment programming and our press area, always hand in hand and very aware of the editorial theme, which in Peru is very delicate.

What's the idea for the development and acquisition of content?

My job is to find the best products, those that are the most innovative within the current market. We have to rediscover telenovelas, whether they're acquired from third parties - like Turkish productions which Latina has had for some time now - or produced by us. The development of our own national content is very important because it generates a very strong bond between our audience and the network. It's a big challenge and I am very happy to be able to develop these new projects for Latina.

Peru is a market that you know very well, and you worked here as manager for América Televisión for more than a decade...

I was called by the network to refloat the channel. I was here for 12 years and I gained a deep understanding of Peruvian television alongside good friends like Eric Jurgensen and other network executives, whom I love, and respect a lot.

Since May of 2016, you've worked as Content Director for Azteca 7 in Mexico, how was your experience?

I came to TV Azteca as Vice President of Content for their channel Azteca 7 and then I took on the role of producer for telenovelas. In that role I've had many highlights, with hits like Three Families, and some entertainment projects such as Enamorándonos and Cocineros Mexicanos, together with other shows that worked very well in Mexico.

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