Gonzalo Larrea - 29/05/2015

Lifeline and Dont Leave Me Look at LatAm

Müge Akar, Content Sales Deputy Manager for ATV, gives ttvnews all the details on the new shows from the Turkish distribution company and speaks about the interest they've generated in Latin America. 

Distribution Company ATV is currently presenting two new Turkish dramas to the international market: Lifeline and Don't Leave Me, both of which have already caught the eye of several buyers around the world, including Latin America, according to Müge Akar, Content Sales Deputy Manager at the company, who spoke with ttvnews about the new shows.

On the one hand, Lifeline was introduced to buyers for the first time at Natpe Miami. Since, then, the show premiered in Turkey and became a true ratings hit.

"Our newest title is Lifeline, which is breaking ratings records in Turkey at the moment. We hit around 40% share there and this is the highest record since 2012 for a Turkish TV series," highlighted Akar.

"Since its international debut it began attracting a lot of attention from international markets including the Middle East, The Balkans and Latin America," added the executive.

In fact, the series is already being dubbed into Spanish for Latin America, where they're in negotiations with Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.

The plot follows a "classic story" with many of the elements that can be found in other hit Turkish dramas.

"It's a very classic Turkish drama series but the story itself is very universal since it's about violence against woman, family ties, and relationships; and of course there is also a love story. We have 60% female audience share, so its hugely female oriented. It's a global story with local elements," detailed the executive.

On the other hand, Don't Leave Me is a non-traditional title for what the market is used to seeing from Turkey. It's a daily drama that airs Monday thru Friday during the daytime and presents shorter episodes.

"It's a very long running title, so we expect 100 episodes by June 2018. And it's also a very classic story, with complicated relationships, love stories, and family secrets. We're hoping to reach the Latin American markets very soon."

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