@todotvnews - 29/05/2015

Mexico and Canada Sign Deal for the Development of Kids Content

During the Los Cabos International Film Festival, the Mexican Institute of Cinematography and Canada Media Fund signed an agreement between Mexico and Canada for the development of content geared towards kids and teens. 

The Los Cabos International Film Festival brought some interesting news this week for the television arena thanks to a deal signed between the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE in Spanish) and the Canada Media Fund for the development of content for kids and teens between both countries.

According to the terms of the deal, each institute will provide one million Mexican pesos (US$ 52,000) to create a pool of two million pesos.

Ten projects will then be selected, and will be awarded with 360,000 pesos each (US$ 18,800) for the development of scripts.

"The idea is to support the creation of screenplays for television series, including content for the Internet and digital media, that's especially aimed at kids and teens. I'm satisfied because there was a need within the Mexican audiovisual for content that's entertaining, intelligent and friendly for kids and teens, "said Jorge Sánchez, director of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography.

"There is a gap in the audiovisual world and especially in Latin America, hence the need to make content for this sector. Canada has a long tradition in fiction and animated content or documentaries that we can take advantage of," he added.

Canadian and Mexican producers will be involved on the project selection committee, which will open a public call on December 10.

The plan is that the production of some of the series can begin by August 2018.

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