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Telefe Searches for Strategic Co-Production Partners

Talking with ttvnews, Elena Antonini, Telefe's Vice President of International Sales, spoke about the company's interest in Africa and Europe, the search for coproduction partners and the success of the formats that have been adapted internationally. 

With the aim of replicating the model behind series like The Return of Lucas - a coproduction with Chile's Canal 13 and América de Perú - Telefe is focusing on finding strategic partners to co-produce content.

"Our strategy for this year is based on increasing our distribution in Europe and Africa, while also starting to think about co-productions," explained Elena Antonini, Telefe's Vice President of International Sales, in an interview with ttvnews.

"For our productions every year, we try to find the best equation for each of them," added the executive.

In fact, the company produces different kinds of formats, including short series and super series, which vary in the amount of episodes, from 80 to 60, and even productions between 8 and 13 episodes.

So, in trying to find the best equation for every production, Telefe already has several projects underway. Among them is a teen live action series for Nickelodeon, co-produced with Mediapro, that's already shooting in Colombia.

In addition to its own catalog, Telefe is handling Nickelodeon's live action shows and some content from Comedy Central in Portuguese, which is produced by Porta dos Fundos.

"Having original content in Portuguese opens the door to othermarkets, from Portugal to Africa, which is one of our strategies as well," said Antonini.

Adding that they "are presenting an increasingly varied catalog, with content that can cater to the different needs of different buyers around the world, and I think that greatly enriches Telefe's catalog"

Historically, Telefe has offered fiction and scripted content, which has diversified in terms of genres to include long series, short series, dramas, comedies; and is now integrating non-scripted content.

"We started giving a lot of value to the formats developed in-house by Telefe in order to start taking them to the international market".

In this sense, the Argentine company landed at Miptv with titles like 100 días para enamorarse -produced by Underground with a May 7 on Telefe- 12 segundos -coproduced by Telefe, América de Perú and Mega-, Comedy Central shows produced by Porta dos Fundos and non-scripted format PH- Podemos Hablar.

100 días para enamorarse is an 80-episode comedy focused on today's marriages, the wear and tear of being married for so long and having 100 days off within the marriage to rethink and decide the relationship is worth it or not.

Next is the premiere of Rizoma Suites, a series produced by Kuarzo that will premiere on Telefe and deals with the current hot topic of abuse.

"It's a very good series to show what we really mean by abuse, showing every kind of abuse in different half-hour stories which can be seen independently. They are stories that happen in different suites of the same hotel."

Formats That Grow Over Time

"Sandro has conquered America, so now we looking at Europe," said the executive. Because despite the fact that Sandro is not that well known in Europe, "it was interesting for the market to see the way in which we produced the show was covered and how we told the story".

"We are going to try and make it work outside of Latin America; maybe not for commercial channels, but maybe for some platform that is interested in figures like his and that want to highlight them".

"There are formats that begin to grow over time," said Antonini. Such is the case of titles like Dear Daddies and Educating Nina, which the company continues to distribute.

These are formats that have already premiered on local screens, but have now started to travel successfully around the world. An example of this is Dear Daddies, which has a Chilean adaptation that has already conquered the local audiences and is now beginning to captivate Eastern Europe.

On its end, Graduates, which had already been a success in Greece, is already airing several seasons in Serbia; "The fact that it has been so successful in Serbia arouses interest in other neighboring countries."

Another noteworthy hit is the recent announcement by Viacom International Media Networks Americas regarding a new Arabic version of Telefe's telenovela, Love After Love, which will be produced by Eagle Films for a 2018 launch in Ramadan.

Filming will take place in Lebanon and will be broadcast under the local title Tango with Rami Hann as director. Made up of 30 episodes, the new version stars renowned regional actors like Syria's Basel Khayat and Dana Mardini; and Lebanon's Bassem Moughnieh and Daniella Rahma.

"We can see how this formats and products are still alive, and that only happens because the ideas behind them are really good," concluded the executive.

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